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What’s on your bucket list?

I have had time to reflect during my time in Bali, really reflect. (I have not had many trips like this one.)

The time at Bali Bliss Retreats really allowed me to think of what it is that I am itching to do that I have been ignoring in my soul.

I asked myself the following questions;

What is on my bucket list that I am ignoring?

What is stopping me from reaching my goals?

Why am I waiting?

Looking in on the outside, as I tick through my list what I have done with my life, up to 34, it is pretty awesome. I’ve run a marathon, completed my masters, I work for a national leader in mental health and I married the best person in the world.  I have my health, have worked through my anxiety and have this now this little blog and writing business. I have travelled to many countries and tried new sports.

But there is something that I have been putting out of my head that I felt called to do from a pretty young age, and that was do some volunteer work in Asia. I did a short program when I finished uni, and have wanted to go back (with my mental health qualifications) ever since. I have been called back to Asia for holidays time and time again, but it never feels like enough.

I often think about what it would be like to live there for a few months, then another year goes past (quickly) and life goes on.

So I have come back from retreat with a plan! To do that ‘thing’ that’s on my bucket list.

Yes a plan, for 3 months of extended travel and volunteer work in 2017. I’m not sure about work, but it might be time for a career change at that point in life anyway. I am not sure how long The Ginger Hunk can come with me for, but we will work it out for him to come at the beginning and the end. He is uber supportive, maybe he can even swing some photography in Asia by then?

What I do know is that this life is short and we only get one crack at it.

(Oh and when you follow your heart, awesome things always happen.)

Ashleigh XXX 

What’s on your bucket list?

Anything you have been putting off?

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