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Where Am I with My 2016 Intentions?

Seeing it’s mid-year, I thought I would check in with how I am going with my 2016 intentions.

Here they are if you want to check them out, but I will reflect on them here.

1. Be present 

I wrote about being present while I was doing the things that I was doing. Whether it be reading, watching Netflix or in conversation with someone. I wanted to focus on the moment I was in, rather than thinking about something else, multi-tasking or scrolling through my phone.  I must say that I have not done so well with this. I try to read at night and my phone beeps, then I go into an internet wonderland for a few minutes. I scroll through my phone while doing other things, and I feel like I have so much going on my mind is racing ahead. I’m at work, and I am thinking about being home with The Ginger Hunk. It does not help that I realised that I actually DO NOT HAVE A FREE WEEKEND UNTIL SEPTEMBER. This sucks, as I really tried to de-clutter my life with appointments and catch-ups. I tried to allow time to be present for what my body and mind needed that time, but sometimes you just can’t help it! Weddings, 40ths and trail runs lie ahead! I will work on being present and enjoying these special occasions instead of thinking what is next. 

2. Nourish My Body – The Vegetarian Way

Since December I have returned to being pescatarian. No red meat. No chicken. Just veggies, eggs and fish. I don’t miss meat at all, and feel so much better living this way. I was vegetarian for 17 years, and then returned to eating meat for a brief hiatus through my half-ironman period. Read more about my vegetarian journey here.  (Probably the easiest thing on my resolutions!) 

3. Move more often

I just wanted to move more often in 2016. It is going okay. Just okay. I’m training for a 25km trail run with CanToo at the moment. Surely that will do it, you ask? Well the answer is actually no. Running twice a week does not make up for the times we are still. I sit on the bus for an hour and 15 minutes each way. I sit at work. I sit on the blog. I sit, LOTS. So I will rate that I have been doing medium in this area and it needs more improvement. On the days I work (tues-fri), I need to be more active, outside of the gym. Walking up and down stairs, going for a walk at lunch…that sort of thing. A 35-year-old body needs to move a lot more than a 25-year-old one does. More effort required.

4. Put myself out there 

I am pretty shit at putting myself out there as a writer. I dabble in the blog. “I do this as a hobby”, I say to people that I meet. Making a “meh” out of it. But, this year, I have been better at putting myself out there. I’M A WRITER. I write at work. I write in my spare time. I’m self publishing a children’s book. I have to lodge a tax return for my ABN. I have cracked some new publications, like the SMH and SBS. I am passionate about mental health policy land, and am currently finding a balance between that and this creative space I have here. I’ve realised that I do not have to find ONE thing, I can actually do many things. And that is what makes up me. 

5. More yoga 

I added the goal to do more yoga this year, because I love it, even though I do suck at it. I signed up at Peace Yoga Love , because I freaking HATE gym class yoga, it does not feel the same for me, I need to go to a designated yoga place. I’ve been regularly practicing once a week, but I would like to make it more. It really feels like I have reset my body, and my soul afterwards. I’m on the right path with this one… but there is always room for improvement.

So… I have a bit more to work on before 2017 comes around!

How about you? 

What were your 2016 intentions?

Happy Sunday! 

Ashleigh XXX

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