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Guest Blog: From the Cat

Cat Lady, Guest Blog: From the Cat

Guest Blog: From The Cat + Kitty Kat Boredom Buster GIVEAWAY!

January 31, 2017

It’s Piper! The little one here! I’ve been desperate to get on the blog since I joined the household, but the other one would not let me near the computer! It’s hard being a little sister. I’m frisky and my older sister Sasha is well…. sleepy and posh. She spends a lot of time grooming herself and looking exasperated staring at me to go away, (like she’s not sure why I’m still here six months later).

Anyway, I digress from talking about my new toy. The bonus of being rescued into the household of The Crazy Cat Lady means that she gets sent things from her furriends on the interweb for us to play with. This time, it was ME that got a gift! The lovely Julie is a very good cat servant, and has been busy creating things for her fur babies. She sent me her invention, the Kitty Kat Boredom Buster to try! I LOVE to play. I was so excited before it arrived.  I’ve got electric bugs and springs and tunnels and all sorts of toys hidden around the house to trip the humans over. Anyway, the day it arrived I could hardly contain myself!

I helped unpack the box of course.

Even though my human is somewhat technically challenged, The Kitty Kat Boredom Buster was easy to assemble with instructions for said human and my close supppurrvision.

In two to three minutes, you have a magical puzzle box to play with.  The middle section is adjustable depending on how dumb  a cat you are, and how hard you want to work to get things out. Once it’s up, get your human to insert whatever you fancy that day: toy, mouse, food or hair elastic (sadly I have been banned from these after my recent trip to the vet), and then the challenge is to get it meowt as soon as possible and serve it back to your human for another round. I’m quite a smart cat, so we put them on the most technical settings. You will see that I gave it a good rough and tumble, and the thing is pretty durable (unless you’re a little on the overweight side.)  Here is me live in action getting out my green mouse! Continue Reading…

Guest Blog: From the Cat

Tails on Tuesday: Hello From The Little One

July 12, 2016

Hello Furriends, it is Tails on Tuesday! 🐾 🐾

I am Piper, the newest addition to the My Meow family. I’m a ginger tabby with a lion like mane. I’m otherwise known as, Piperon, Pipini, Pistchici, Piperoni and The Popsicle. I’ve been living with Ashleigh and The Ginger Hunk for about three months now, and I have been dying to get near the keyboard to meet you all! The photo above was taken of me during my first day with my human slaves, they could tell that I was going to be a gifted writer already. But I had to get to know my sister fuurrst, before she would share her internet space with me. (She tells me she is a bit of a star around these parts, you know.)  Continue Reading…

Cat Lady, Guest Blog: From the Cat

Tails on Tuesday: Whiskas #CatHacks

May 24, 2016

It has been a while since I have had access to the computer to write. I have been busy supervising my new sister, teaching her all the important things in the world, like waking the humans up at 5am, biting their toes, singing the song of our people and all sorts. It is tiring having a sister. She does not sleep as much as I do. And she needs more toys than I, which is what I am writing about today, The Whiskas #CatHacks project.

Now, Cat Hacks are things you (as humans) can make for your kitty, which are from simple household items!

It is important for cats, especially indoor ones, to have plenty to do. So Whiskas have launched a #CatHacks project where humans are obliged to make a DIY cat hack for THEIR cat (to be honest, this is how ALL humans should spend their time anyway) AND donate one to their local shelter.  Dr Katrina Warren said: “Cats and kittens need a stimulating environment that satisfies their curious nature. Furniture that is interesting for felines to explore can really help the health and behaviour of cats and kittens. I know my cat, Mr Fox, would love a Cat Hack so I’ll be making one for my home and also one for my local cat shelter. Donating a Cat Hack is a good way to help cat shelters that often rely on the generosity of the local community,” said Dr Warren.

Since I came to rule the humans, I have ignored all their desires for me to sit in specified cat purchased products except for my tunnel, my beloved tunnel. This reminds them that they waste money on me, and to not be lazy and make things themselves.

Here is where I love to hang out in our house. Hack or not…


Box of Jumpers… makes a perfect bed

IMG_20160503_212556 (1)

The humans converted the bottom of a cupboard into our toilet as a #cathack! So we can pee in privacy. I still peep at Piper though.


A red cushion and a box…. there you have it … a cat cave!


My tunnel, not a cat hack but still delightful…


A T-shirt cat cave… not super keen, but I went in there cause of all the effort.

Sooo if you humans are bored of ideas of what to make your kittehs here are some ideas from our furriends at Whiskers!

Cat Hack 1: The Hammock. Learn how minimalist design meets maximum feline comfort in a few really easy steps. This design means you can admire your cat’s beauty for even longer. Framed like a little piece  of art under your glass-top table as she purrs in a little table-leg hammock.

Cat Hack 2: The Lookout. Curious cats love high-up hideaways, so here’s a simple way to turn your bookcase into a stairway to heaven. This design allows your cat to climb to a little cubby house at the top of your wall-mounted library or display cabinet – from where they can look down on you as the subordinate you are.

Cat Hack 3: The Home Entertainment System. Curious cats will discover human furniture is never as fun as the box it comes in. Is it a car? Is it a cave? Is it a safe space with only one way in and out? Yes, it’s all that and more. Give your furry friend the gift of the thing good gifts come in: an open cardboard box.

Cat Hack 4: The Clock Feeder. Turn your everyday wall clock into a sophisticated meal distribution system for your four-legged friend. This time–dependent food dispenser uses the mechanics of a clock to keep your cat fed during the day – while you’re toiling at work.

Cat Hack 5: The Exercise Wheel. Transform two household items into a nifty spinning device so your four-legged friend can stretch their legs.  This Hack is for weight-conscious, highrise pussy cats that can’t get out for their workout.

Cat Hack 6: The Scratch Frame. Follow these easy steps if your cat need a new canvas to perfect the art of scratch-post modernism. Watch as your cat redefines art appreciation (and saves your sofa).

Pursonally, I’m hoping for the first one as my favourite! I do love a yoga mat… suspended would be even better! 

Soo get behind this purroject! Make your kitteh a Cat Hack and use the #CatHack and donate another one to your local shelter!

Happy making!

I’ll be back soon about how this whole kitten in my house situation is going!

For now you can follow me and Piperoni on Instagram!

Love and Meow for Now 🐾 🐾🐾 🐾

Sasha The Cat

Ps. Not sponsored. I just want all the kitteh’s to have toys. Linking up with Jess for #IBOT

Guest Blog: From the Cat

Guest Blog: From The Cat – Dealing with sick Humans

March 14, 2016

I haven’t done a Tails on Tuesday for quite a while. The girl human has been totally hogging the computer. I have not had much access. I don’t think I have written a post since I survived The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.  Oh I furrget I also had a feline friday link party. But I have been far too lazy busy to have once since. As well has helping the girl human choose and pick her Cattooo, I managed to secure a box from the Marie Kondo wash up. The humans got new furniture so I decided that I should some too.


I looked really cute in it, and then over the last few weeks, we added things to it. Basically making it into a ‘Taj Mahal for Cats ‘which took over the whole lounge room, and really reminded them who owns the house. Then things went a little too far when it got to this point, and they threw my box out. I’m told I have some kind of new tunnel coming from The Netherlands soon. It is going to be cool, but I really miss my contraption.


I digress from the disaster that has happened this week. The Humans, didn’t listen to me last weekend and went to a children’s party. They have been sick in the guts since. Told them so. First the boy human, which is unheard of. The girl human usually gets sick VERY easily. She has a weak stomach. So we were wondering why she had escaped? Then suddenly she has it. So After a week of boy human watching, now I am onto the girl human. As well as daily cat meditation on her leg, like in the feature image, I am in charge of other things like inspecting all items brought into the household to clear them of germs, and cleaning myself to make sure I don’t get it.


And, above all, going on children patrol.

One has just moved in next door. I can hear it. I have to make sure it will not bring the germs back in. They should have learnt from the party!


I must go now, but you can catch up with all my usual daily happenings on Instagram, and join 450 of my fans! Mum has her own account too, which is here, she sometimes has me but it’s pretty boring. (I have a feeling she puts other cats on there, as well as the cool stuff she does without me, but I don’t want to torture myself by looking.) If you missed out on her Cattoo, and how that all went down, here it is! 


I must go back now to nursing pawtrol, they just can’t be trusted.

Meow for now!

Lots of Love, 

Sasha The Cat 

🐾 🐾

Linking up with some humans @ Essentially Jess for IBOT

Guest Blog: From the Cat

Guest Blog: From the Cat – Welcome to Feline Friday Link Party

February 5, 2016

Happy Feline Friday Furriends!

🐾 🐾

I don’t have very much to repawt. January has been pretty quiet.

I have been chilling in the organised house.

We have had the air conditioning on a lot, and I cling onto a delivery box from Freedom to shield me from the wind.

Mum has been taking me on lots of walks, the other day she let me out on my own and I came back with a lizard.

I was so proud to contribute to the household. Mum and Dad looked unimpressed.

I didn’t eat it, I enjoyed chasing it around the loungeroom for some time.

Then I think the humans felt bad for said Lizard so they took it away from me.

I wasn’t happy and I meowed for AGES. Well into the night! (That will teach them.)

Anyway, I have declared the first friday of the month FELINE FRIDAY.

This is so all my feline friends and their humans can link their feline posts for the month up in the link below.

I notice that Mum has lots of other friends with kitties, and I would like to know about them more!

You must comment on another feline’s post, and link to feline friday.

Share on social media using the #felinefriday

The link will be open for two weeks 🙂

Have a pawesome day!

I can’t wait to read your tails!

Did you catch a lizard? 

Sasha The Cat  🐾 🐾


Guest Blog: From the Cat

Guest Blog: From the Cat – Surviving “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying”

January 17, 2016

Something happened to my humans. I think they read a book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.

Suddenly, after a year on the couch, they burst into a flurry of activity.

It was tough work supervising the whole thing, but I made it through

This is how it went down.

First, The Girl Human started with her clothing.


Then The Boy Human threw out all those papers he had been hoarding. This made The Girl Human ecstatic. 


On the bright side there were new hidey holes….


…and some new friends!


I must admit, I did like the new folding method.


But in the end I just had to bunk down and wait for the whole thing to be over!


Thankfully tonight, it is all over. And I am back to my regal position (with all the other white items in the house!)


Have you survived anything as fierce as the Marie Kondo Method?

Before you go for the last few hours of Sunday Funday, I wanted to tell you that Mum also has her own Instagram, it’s here @mymeowblog.

Not as many photos of me, but still some occasionally.

Much love and you can always follow me in between my tails on Instagram too!

Sasha The Cat 🐾 🐾