Guest Blog: From the Cat

Guest Blog: From The Cat – Pussweek Instacat giveaway!

August 17, 2015

My furriends at Pussweek Magazine headquarters have been busy pawing away at the next edition. 🐾

It is going to be released officially on the 14th of September. (I can’t wait to get the scoop.)

If you have not heard, Pussweek Magazine is the go to bible for cats in the know.

It is written by a team of supercats who own the human we call Bexy Mcfly.

You can join the meowling list to get the mews on Pussweek here. 

This purrdition includes the following advice: 

🐾 Does size matter? How your tail could be holding you back. 

🐾 Plastic bags; should you really be scared? 

🐾 Catching the red dot: it’s easier than you think.

IMG_20150801_184226 (1) (# Purrsonally, I really need this advice.)

Want to read it right Meow?

You can order from Pussweek headquarters here but we also have a challenge where you can win:

– 1 copy of Pussweek Magazine

– 1 box of Chicken Fancy Feast (Australian residents meownly)

– 1 packet of kitty springs for your afternoon delight

– A Pussweek poster set!

What you have to do 

🐾 Follow us cool cats  @sashi_cat and @pussweekmagazine on Instagram for all the mews.

🐾 Upload a photo of your furryself on Instagram reading something with the hashtag #pussweekcomp 

If you’re not an Instacat you can email with your kitties name and photo and we can upload it for you.

Something like this…






Furrentries will close on Furrriday 28th August at meownight.

We will announce the winner on Caturday 12th of September!

Share with your feline furriends and get amongst it!

Meow for now!

Sasha The Cat 🐾 🐾 🐾

Ps. The pic above is from the old purrdition of pussweek. You’ll be winning a mew one.




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