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Packing A Capsule Travel Wardrobe For One Month in Europe

Over the years I’ve become pretty minimalist at everything, including packing. Although I packed pretty light for Bali I took the whole kit and kaboodle of toiletries (including my own pillow). Having said that over six weeks there were still things that I didn’t want to wear, and of course I bought some dresses and lived in them! Packing for Europe is different. We are getting on trains, planes and automobiles and I didn’t want to be carrying a heap of things around with me, getting annoyed life and whining at The Ginger Hunk. We had to pack for summer in Cephalonia and Rome (20 – 30 degrees) and cooler weather in the Dolomites (22 during the day but down to 10 degrees at night). I wanted to pack smart and light but I didn’t want to look like a backpacker because I shall be meeting people and doing Hotels With Cats things. Hence the need for the travel wardrobe overhaul.

I took inspiration at Nikki from Styling You from her capsule wardrobe post about travelling in Europe and did a couple of things in advance. I overhauled my wardrobe and threw out a lot of things that didn’t go with anything, didn’t fit anymore, and bought quality items in a colour scheme from designers that I love, that I knew would LAST and most importantly that I felt GREAT in. *I’m no fashionista by the way. Just your simple, sporty, size 12 woman wanting to be comfortable and look good whilst travelling. As you can see I like stripes, black and grey and I stuck to this in my purchasing plan. Here’s a few things I bought prior to designing my travel wardrobe (no sponsorship here just a public service announcement!). I also bought a few scarves from second hand shops, and some walking shoes from Joya (which are awesome). 

Boden Clothing Double Layer Front Vest $34 (Image Credit Boden Clothing)

J Crew Vintage Andiamo T-Shirt $49, (Image Credit JCrew)

Bamboo Body Cashmere Wool Travel Wrap $109 from The Iconic. (Image from @ The Iconic)

Anyhow after the purchase of said items I tried to look at my whole wardrobe as a mix and match feast. No fashion blogger am I said I  ever. HOWEVER, I have realised such useful things while packing my travel wardrobe and purchasing clothing in general in recent times that I shall share with you all. 

  1. Stick to items that can be worn with other items, pick a colour scheme and go forth with your style! (I have made over 20 outfits on the floor with my selection below already!)
  2.  Accessories are YOUR FRIEND! Pack scarves, wraps, earrings,  for going out, changing locations or adding a touch of colour. You are not bound by your accessories as you are with clothing.
  3. If an item can only be worn once and has no use for the rest of the trip then it does not deserve to be in your blessed suitcase. Praise be. 
  4. If an item makes you feel fat do not pack it in said suitcase. Or at any rate wear it at all.  You’re going to be eating. (Unless you’re on triathlon camp or a retreat and if you are then this is the wrong post for you.)

So here is how my “capsule wardrobe” is looking for one month in hot and cold weather in EUROPE with a touch of sport, beaching and sightseeing over 28 glorious days.

For the B A G:

The Winter Pile

The Other Pile: Summer T Shirts, Hiking, Bottoms and Tanks

For the P L A N E:

  • Yoga pants
  • 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
  • Jacket
  • Snuggly socks
  • Eyemask
  • Travel pillow
  • Earplugs

With toiletries, I only pack my essentials. I take cleanser, moisturiser, medication, and take on the plane with my laptop, note pads and books. Everything else like suncream, shampoo and the like can be bought there on location. So here I am, ready to go to Europe with a teeny tiny bag, highly organised by rolling my clothing into Shacke Cubes, and some extra help from the hubby to say not to excess things. I am a bit nervous to travel with a little bag, but I created over 20 outfits just by mixing and matching, so I should be all good, right? And those shoes and bags I want to buy in Rome can just go home in the post! Life is about experience not things right?

Have you tried a travel capsule yet?

What does  your travel bag look like for one month in Europe?

Hoarder or Minimalist when it comes to packing?

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Much love, Ashleigh


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