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Taking Stock – April 2016

I haven’t been taking stock for a while and the blog has been a little all over the shop. It seems I forgot all about this year to do a month that was post! So as we are nearing May, I have taken leaf from Sam @The Annoyed Thyroid and decided to take stock.

Here is where I am at this warm Autumn Day.

Making : Meals from the I Quit Sugar Cookbook. Loving making Cauliflower Pizza and Quinoa Bakes for lunches.
Drinking : Lemon Tea as I’m feeling a bit blerg and fevery tonight.
Reading: Watermelon by Ruth Ritchie.
Wanting: A healthy husband.
Looking: A bit on the porky side. Looking foward to starting trail running in May.
Playing: With Sasha and Piper (our new kitten.)









Wasting: Time on You Tube watching cat videos.
Sewing: Sewing? What? What is this word?
Wishing: The Ginger Hunk was better.
Enjoying: Having some articles published of late.
Waiting: For DVA.
Liking:  Living in a de-cluttered apartment.
Wondering: What life will be like in six months time.
Loving: Sasha, Piper and The Ginger Hunk. 
Hoping: I can get over my stress head and manage to pass my freediving level two in Bali in June.
Marvelling: At nothing really. In a sucky phase of life.
Needing: Less stress.
Smelling: Clean.
Wearing: Jimmy Jams.
Following: Comedians.
Noticing: How life sucks balls sometimes and then it is a magical land of Narnia.
Knowing: Myself.
Thinking: Meh.
Feeling: Meh.
Bookmarking: Ideas for The Ginger Hunk’s 40th next year.
Opening: My creativity even though stress is trying to keep it shut.
Giggling: At Piper falling off the chair.

How are you on this almost May night? 

Have you taken stock lately?

Happy Hump Day, 

Ashleigh XXX

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