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Taking Stock – Life Today

It is a year today since my first blog post.

Happy Birthday to My Meow!

So I thought that I would take a leaf out of Mrs Woog and Pips book and take some time out to take stock of where I am at today.

Might even be a yearly thing, if I can remember a year from now.

Who knows?

Anywhere, this is where my life is at on this fine day the 19th of Feb 2015.

Making : my first feature article
Cooking : coconut water ice blocks, if you could call that cooking
Drinking : hydralyte in cool water (it’s super hot here today)
Reading: Not That Kinda Girl by Lena Dunham
Wanting: to be on holidays (and another cat)
Looking: outside at the trees
Playing: springs with the cat
Wasting: time playing with said cat
Wishing: that every country in the world abolished the death penalty
Enjoying: working four days a week 
Waiting: for the washing cycle to end
Liking: my new gym and how good it is making me feel 
Wondering: when I will have time to write the draft of my picture book 
Loving: The Ginger Hunk 
Hoping: that said cat will eventually stop being so annoying

Marvelling: at how much my life has changed for the better over the last twelve months
Needing: another coffee
Smelling: the roses I bought myself for valentines day
Wearing: a beach dress 
Following: lots of cats on Instagram
Noticing: how much less anxious I feel
Knowing: that I am getting closer to finding my thing, whatever that is
Thinking: less about the little things and things that I cannot control
Feeling: happy 
Bookmarking: future travel destinations
Opening: my hips more at yoga 
Giggling: at GIRLS
Feeling: positive 

I nominate three of my favorite bloggers (Stresslessjess, Hugzilla and McFly) to take stock today.

Meow for now!


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