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The Magic of Not Giving A F#*k

Swear. Word. Alert.

I was watching this talk the other day on Tedx.  The talk is by Sarah Knight about The Magic of Not Giving A Fuck. (I now need to read the book.) Knight defines your fucks as “time, energy and money”. We only have so much to give, and so she says to make a “fuck budget”. Anything she says that is not a “hell yeah” we should not be putting our mind, time or energy into as eventually, depletion of this time will leave us ending up feeling anxious and desperate.

I did this exercise and my fuck budget after looking at my money, time and energy is limited. I go to work. I travel an hour each way. I have two blogs to keep going and one to really get going, (and I really give a fuck about that!) I give a fuck about spending time with my husband and my family. I give a fuck about fitting in my walks and my barre classes so I don’t lose my shit. That doesn’t leave much time throughout the week to give my fucks anywhere else. In fact, I probably only have one precious fuck left to see a friend or do something outside of the sphere. (And this is when I am not doing Cantoo!) 

It is a fantastic way to look at things in your life simply. I’ve given too many fucks in the past out of a feeling of obligation or guilt. I’m a chaser of old friends and I can often feel an obligation to catch up to keep in touch, because of what we have had in the past, not where I want to be going. I’ve given too much of a fuck not to let go. Not giving a fuck doesn’t mean letting not caring about them, as my sister said, my door is open. I’m still here. But at the moment, I don’t have the energy or the fuck budget to chase it. My weekend fucks will not be spent going to lunches and ‘catching up”. I’ll be working on my website, walking or doing something fun outside with people who want to give their fuck budget to spend time with me. Perhaps even some freediving. I really want to find more fucks in my week for freediving.

(But not today. It’s cold.)

Have you realised The Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck? 

What have you not given a fuck about? 

Happy Weekend. Spend your fucks wisely. 


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