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Weight Loss Journey Update : My Best Me

I was blogging and vlogging about my weight loss journey and going pretty darn well.  I rounded up in February with 75.3kg with an almost 8kg loss. I was aiming for a happy 70kg (67 being my ‘thin weight’ and 73 being my ‘average’.  Then I had the meltdown of February, combined with The Ginger Hunk’s 40th, work stress, Melbourne trips and boozetown. And so it has been a month since I stepped on the scales. And I’m scared. Back to that negative thinking of gasping aloud, aligning my weight with my sense of self. And it wasn’t meant to be like that, but it’s what weighing myself every day for three months and messaging a group of strangers my weight did to my brain.

Oh and also not eating any carbs. Which made me a bit cray, because you do need them to think.  So now, I’m going back to basics and wellness while keeping some of the tricks I learnt whilst losing weight.  I’m sure my month of being waylaid didn’t ruin everything. I’ve still been training, walking and hitting the barre classes and pilates. I’m feeling my core switch on like it never has before and can finally get into my skinny jeans again. But at the same time, I’ve been hitting the 3pm chocolates a little hard.  

So in the vain being nice to myself, I’m taking the weight out of weight loss journey and aiming for my best me for my remaining 32 days in Australia before I head to Bali for six glorious weeks. While that doesn’t mean guzzling wine every day, it also does not mean standing on the scales and beating myself up day in and out. It means moving each day. Writing. Meditating. Getting stronger and more relaxed because stress will not make me a better freediver in Bali. It means not beating myself up, and trying my best. It also means doing nice things for myself like replenishing my underwear and getting my first skin peel, now they are two things that made feel like a new woman! So onwards I go, to being my best me.

Skin all peeled up! Loving it!


My new loot from Bonds and Bendon 

Got any tips for feeling your best? 

Happy Monday 

Much Love, 


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