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Four things I am grateful for today

A quick gratitude exercise tonight, because I feel in a bit of a funk this week. Low mood. A little agitated. Lots to think about. I’ve been hit by a virus the last few days, full of aches and pains and sleeping a lot. (Let’s hope it was the cause of my angst.) Anyway for a little mood lift, I thought I would share four things I am grateful for right this very moment.

Medical care. The Ginger Hunk’s hip is not going great at the moment. We are in the midst of lodging stuff with the DVA. Having said that, I’m grateful for the care he is finally receiving, the support from his advocate, and I’m hoping that in the next six months we will be able to put the hip saga behind us and move on with our lives/careers. It’s hard not to be ho hum about the whole situation, but I’m positive that we are on the right path now, and all shall be okay soon. People in other countries are not so lucky.

Writing work. I’m a busy bee at the moment, with three pieces by March 8th. My first piece for the paper. The FREAKING paper. Whilst I am quietly shitting myself that I can nail all three (of course I CAN), I’m grateful that I am this kind of busy, I would have dreamed of it a year ago. 

Celebrations to look forward to. I have some lovely things to look forward to celebrate with friends in the next few months. Birthday’s, engagements, weddings, cat yoga and catch up’s with old friends, and some 40th’s later in the year. While I am slightly anxious about doing this all alcohol free for the next few months, I’m excited to have such a full calendar. I know the booze free thing will get easier as time goes on.

Family. There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming month with my family. A dinner and a pizza for The Ginger Hunk, and my Dads’ birthday. Making my little niece a frozen cake for her 3rd Birthday. Going to see Jim Jefferies and Elizabeth Gilbert with The Ginger Hunk, and being equal parts inspired and horrified. Planning a girls trip to Vietnam for my sister’s 40th.

How can I be glum with all that to be grateful for? 

What are you grateful for today? 

Ashleigh XXX



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