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Hey there. I’m Ashleigh. I’m glad you found me. Here is where you can get to know me, fast. I’ve always had a thing with words my whole entire life. Writing in diaries, filling up empty notebooks and holding onto them as I felt scared to share my voice with the world. I started to write out loud in 2014 to work through my decision to have a baby. Or not to have a baby as it turned out. I spent many months  contemplating a childfree life.  Eventually, after whole lot of soul searching, I made peace with my decision. (Which for now, is not to decide.) Since that time, I continued to blog about daily life, travel and things that move my heart, and have steadily grown my freelance writing  business.

I’m married to a man I call The Ginger Hunk. We have that soul lifting, butterflies in your tummy kind of love. Our wrong way around love story can be read about here. He is my life and the other half of my soul. We are cat butlers to two cats, Sasha, an ultra snobby white cat who is gaining her own celebrity, and a loving ginger ninja called Piper whom we adopted in 2016 to complete our family.

We love travelling, chilling out in far away lands and meeting new people, but equally love life in our little pad in Sydney. In 2015 I learned to freedive which was the most amazing experience of my life to date. I’ve recently returned from Bali where I trained for a month and it was AMAZING and I am scheming up ways to return. The Ginger Hunk is a photographer, which makes capturing our adventures easy. At the moment, he’s recovering fro a hip replacement and we are both a bit shattered from the last three years. It has been tough but brighter days are coming soon.

My Meow is where you will find a dose of life, travel tips, things we learn along the way, and of course, the odd cat story.

I’m currently on vaycay from My Meow as I build my new business, Hotels With Cats. 

Do hunt around the archives for anything you desire! I’m also on Facebook and Instagram. 

Ashleigh XXX