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Howdy. I’m Ashleigh. I’m glad you found me and My Meow. Here is where you can get to know me, fast. I’ve always had a thing with words. Writing in diaries, filling up empty notebooks and holding onto them, scared to share my voice with the world. I started to write out loud in 2014 to work through my decision to have a baby. Or not to have a baby as it turned out to be, almost seven years on. I spent many months contemplating a childfree life.  Eventually, after whole lot of soul searching, I made peace with our decision. Since that time, I continued to blog about daily life, travel and things that move my heart, and have steadily grown my freelance writing  business as well as launching Hotels With Cats, a travel directory for cat people.

I’m married to a man I call The Ginger Hunk. We have that soul lifting, butterflies in your tummy kind of love. Our wrong way around love story can be read about here. We are cat butlers to two cats, Sasha and Piper, both rescues with quirky personalities.

In late 2020, after a weird kinda year, we decided to have a seachange. Moving outta Sydney for a slower pace of life. I will be sharing more on that decision and process soon. It happened kinda fast but then also now just seems like the right thing. I haven’t been writing much in 2020, or recent years. I’ve kind been grounding and thinking and doing inward stuff, like giving up booze. But now the words have found me again, playing with me to share, and so I find my way digging up these pages again.

My Meow is kinda like my diary.  Here where you find a dose of life, me learning about regional living, some local and international travel tips, and of course, the odd cat story.

Do hunt around the archives for anything you desire!

Ashleigh XXX