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A Shit Week – Part Two

When I left you all on Friday, I was still sick and Mum was waiting to have her endoscopy. Well I am pissed off to report, that it ‘s Monday now, I have had the flu and a blocked ear for six days. I am slowly improving. But still shit. This man flu thing is the gift that keeps on giving. I haven’t been this sick for aaaageess. Anyway, I shall get back to updating you all on the saga of last week. Mum is out of hospital, thank goodness. She had some tests done and has a hernia on her esophagus, we don’t know what the next step is at the moment. It is a wait and see. So we shall wait. And we shall see. She should get test results back next week to determine the next steps. 

The cat that ate hair elastics too is on the mend. Thankfully, it looks like she will avoid surgery. The vet said it could go both ways, she either ate the hair elastics, got a gastro bug and this caused her to be sick, or that she has blockage due to said hair elastics. She was given medication and thankfully, has been better since. I was not looking wanting to spend my tax return on getting my kitten sliced open! We had a small incident where she threw up again at 5am yesterday, on the bed sheets of course, and now she is on the mend again, eating and chasing Sasha around. Sasha, our weird cat, acted like Piper was a brand new cat when we brought her home from the vet. Hissing and carrying on. I am told this is normal because they do not recognise each other due to the new smells from the vet. In Sasha’s warped head, Piper was a new cat. I had to keep them separate until yesterday, something I did not need with everything else going on. IMG_20160806_192021

I’m taking cold and flu tablets but I also ordered a shit load of green items from harris farm, having lots of green smoothies and oranges. I have two weeks until my 25km trail run in the blue mountains. I’m definatly under cooked as I’ve missed the last two long runs, so my longest run is only three hours and 15 minutes, probably an hour short of what the actual run is. Anyway, I can’t fit in the training now, as it is too late. I must just focus on being positive and building my immune system. I’ve missed a hen’s night, an author talk, a play and two runs. Very annoying, but you have to listen to your body.

On the good side, I’ve finished a great book, and my Godmother popped up in a rainbow last week in my hour of darkness to say hi.

Have you had the flu this winter?

Any tips?

Aside from a hot bath, lemon drink, lots of veggies, cold and flu tablets and rest?

Happy Monday

Love Ashleigh XXX



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