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New Project – Hotels With Cats

I’ve been busy away from My Meow working on a new project, Hotels With Cats. It’s been keeping me awake day and night with ideas and energy. I’m in the flow. Which hasn’t happened in a while. So I am going with it while my curious takes me there. The idea came to me the last day of my holidays in Bali, after the excitement of staying in two hotels with resident cats before we left. I get so excited when I stay in a hotel with a resident cat.

“What if cat people could find cats wherever they go?” I thought. So I am building a travel directory for cat people. A collection of Hotels With Cats, Cat Cafes and Sanctuaries. Think Villa Kitty in Bali or Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii. I want to tell the tales of quirky cats, as well as highlight fantastic destinations and hotels. You’ll be able to search by continent or by theme. Longer term, I am thinking postcards, a beautiful photography book and all the rest. This will be my passions for cats and travel giving birth! 

So for the minute I am furrowing away on the website, media kit and the like. It’s going to be the other way around that I build a bit of content first and then followers will come (who would come to a travel directory with no travel!) Soooo I am asking all my blogger friends out there to share this post with your cat people, so they can get on Hotels With Cats and follow us for when we start to share amazing content.

We’ve got Instagram and a Facebook page and Twitter up and running so all our news will be posted there. And if you know of a Hotel with a resident cat, or a cat cafe we should feature (ones that help our rescue felines) then do drop me a line or comment below.

And I’ll still be on My Meow sharing my usual musings.

Much love and happy #IBOT (it’s been a while),

Ashleigh XXX


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