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Weight Loss Journey Update : My Best Me

March 20, 2017

I was blogging and vlogging about my weight loss journey and going pretty darn well.  I rounded up in February with 75.3kg with an almost 8kg loss. I was aiming for a happy 70kg (67 being my ‘thin weight’ and 73 being my ‘average’.  Then I had the meltdown of February, combined with The Ginger Hunk’s 40th, work stress, Melbourne trips and boozetown. And so it has been a month since I stepped on the scales. And I’m scared. Back to that negative thinking of gasping aloud, aligning my weight with my sense of self. And it wasn’t meant to be like that, but it’s what weighing myself every day for three months and messaging a group of strangers my weight did to my brain.

Oh and also not eating any carbs. Which made me a bit cray, because you do need them to think.  So now, I’m going back to basics and wellness while keeping some of the tricks I learnt whilst losing weight.  I’m sure my month of being waylaid didn’t ruin everything. I’ve still been training, walking and hitting the barre classes and pilates. I’m feeling my core switch on like it never has before and can finally get into my skinny jeans again. But at the same time, I’ve been hitting the 3pm chocolates a little hard.   Continue Reading…

Health & Wellbeing

Are you holding onto items that reflect your wannabe you?

March 6, 2017

At the moment I’m into de-cluttering and minimalism. As you know, I did the Marie Kondo method last year. Basically her method is that you hold onto things that bring you joy, and get rid of everything else. We threw out heaps of shit! It was amazing. I let go of a lot of stuff, boxes of memories, clothing and photographs. My memories are now in a teeny box with some special items like books that I want to give to my niece and nephew when they get older. I can now see all the clothes in my wardrobe rather than having summer and winter items everywhere. (And in 12 months I’m pleased to say that I haven’t looked for anything I have thrown out.)

This year, I decided to take it up a notch. We really want to travel more, to make more space, to fill our apartment with light and art so we can have more avenues to do the things we love like cooking, photography and writing. So I’ve signed up to Joshua Becker’s uncluttered course. Over 12 weeks we are going through the rooms in our house one by one and de cluttering.

One of the concepts that I’ve loved about the course, is that I have learnt that we tend to hang onto things that reflect our “wannabe selves”, rather than cherishing who we are and owning things that reflect what phase we are in our lives right now. Let’s now face where my life is at these days. I don’t go out anymore, except to the pub for a low-key night. I don’t go out to fancy parties. (If I do I have one or two dresses that I love.) I spend my time training, yoga-ing, walking and writing. My holidays are the active kind, freediving, hiking or adventuring rather than sit-in-a-bar-all-glammed-up. Yet I have found myself buying things recently that reflect this ‘wannabe me” that I actually am not. Here are some things that I have found in my sorting!

Exhibit A – Crystal Cuff

= Person that goes to fancy events

What the fuck possessed me to buy this Crystal Cuff I have no idea. It cost $100. Never worn it. Ever. When would I wear this and why? Whhyyyyyyyyyy? Wheeerreeee? It’s even too much bling for a wedding. Maybe a black tie. But when have I been to a black tie wedding? Never, said I.  Continue Reading…

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The Good Doctor

March 5, 2017

It’s no secret I’ve been in a funk. Part physical. Mostly mental. It started with a virus after The Ginger Hunk’s birthday and just wouldn’t lift. That was three weeks ago, and it felt like an eternity. I couldn’t write. I wasn’t having any ideas. THAT feeling came to the pit of my stomach and stayed. An irksome, swallowing, dark feeling that made everything hard. Getting out of bed. Thinking of what to eat. Making basic decisions. Going to the gym even though it makes me feel better. When you’re depressed and anxious you start to question everything. I was doing my head in about many things. From things like “Why am I going to Bali for six weeks to freedive? Am I too old for this shit?” to what to eat for lunch and what not. Anyway, I couldn’t pin point this lack of mood to anything in particular.

I’ve got a good job (stressful at times, but so is everything), The Ginger Hunk is on the mend, and I have two overseas trips this year. But everything felt hard. So off I trotted off to my Doctor. He is a nice kind man. Spends as much time as he needs. Explains everything. I like to save up the GP visits for many things, so I was talking to him about a blocked ear and suspicious moles on my head and then I started to bawl about the funk. You see, I’ve been (what I thought) successfully coming off my anti-depressant for about 4 months. Taking 5mg. A smidgeon of a dose in the land of what people take. I thought I was doing fine.  Continue Reading…

Health & Wellbeing

My Back to Basics

February 19, 2017

When I hit rock bottom last week I hit rock bottom. Exhausted. Tired. Achy. Anxious. I went to the Osteopath and my back and neck were all kind of crinkled. He actually asked if I had been moving house I was so out of whack. So much so that he has put me off doing any hard core exercise until Wednesday. So this weekend it was back to basics. Lots of sleep, meditation and walking. I did a massive online food shop and meal plan today. I’m going back to basics this week of what I know boosts my immunity and mood.

Here are my back to basics for getting back on track.

1. KI

I am absolutely no nutritionist, so do not take these without medical advice, but my lovely energy healer got me onto these babies a couple of years ago. Think Olive Leaf on speed. They boost your immunity and energy and just leave you feeling so much better. I’ve started taking two a day at the moment, then will reduce to one.

2. Less Digital Time

I don’t know about you but when I am feeling crap I spend hours on the internet with endless, soul destroying scrolling. Not doing what I should be doing like catching up on blogs that I like and reading about inspiring places I want to travel but endless scrolling and comparing. How did she get so thin, how do they afford that, why didn’t I get invited to X, blah blah blah. Shit that I don’t have time for when I am happy and fulfilled and busy with life and not dead on the couch. It is a road to nowhere. So Facebook, you are now off my phone. Instagram with the cute cats can stay. Horray to finally starting the Elena Ferrante series instead.


3. Meal Planning (No alcohol)

Essential to my healthy living and being my best me, is meal planning. If I don’t spend an hour or two on a Sunday, ordering my food, cooking up a few salads and snacks, then the week is half over before I know it, and I haven’t even started. Alcohol is also off the cards for the next little while. Makes me feel good for about two minutes, then shit for the day after that. WHY AM I SO OLD I CAN NO LONGER DRINK? Continue Reading…