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My Top five posts of 2015

This is a little blog in the big, wide blogosphere. The purpose of it is to have fun, share my learnings, travel tales, cat stories and most of all I do it because I LOVE to write. I never went into this business to make an income, but I love this blog. My readership has doubled in 2016, and feedback from friends and strangers has been so lovely, which makes me want to keep going. Dad still thinks I share too much on the world wide interweb, but you know, parents and all that.

Here are the posts of 2015 that you liked the most.

In April I went to Boracay and afterwards I wrote a whole lot of information about the most visited island in the Philippines.

This post is packed with travel information on accommodation, beaches and food. Enjoy. (I’m still thinking about that water.)

The Boracay Blog

In January, I started a new fitness regime, called F45, after a long love affair with endurance events. I wrote a review about the 45 minute based circuits, which are great, if you can go at least 4 times a week to make the membership cost worth your while. I am having a break at the moment, to swim and do yoga, but this review of F45 was my second most popular post in 2015.

Meow Review: My F45 Journey 

In May, on the same trip to Boracay, I got to fly AirAsia Business. It was a magical experience, where one can stretch the legs till the cows come home.

It was a sad state to return to cattle class on the next trip. This is my review.

Meow Review: AirAsia Business

The next post, was one of my top moments of the year. The opening of Catmosphere Cat Cafe! The number of hits and shares on this post only gives me comfort that there are way more cat ladies out there than just me. And just quietly, we are taking over the world!

Meow Review: Catmosphere Cat Cafe

And finally, those that have been following My Meow for a while will know that I have deliberated about having a baby. For a while it really plagued my mind, hindered my decision-making about other things, and made our relationship a bit stuck. After a long hard look at what we want our life to be like, it is a no for now, but with a ‘who knows’ declaration on the side. I am happily childfree, and doubt I will change my mind, but if I do, then I can. For the moment being at peace with this decision, has allowed much flexibility in life, to travel more, to make living on less income doable and to work part-time to forge a new career. Here is where I made peace with this decision.

The Baby Decision

Thanks for your support in 2015! 

Bring on more adventures in 2016. 

Ashleigh XXX


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