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Meow review: AirAsia Business

This is a sponsored post for AirAsia

AirAsia is our go to airline when visiting South East Asia. We are fans. They are always on time. I find their aircraft clean and the customer service great. (Let’s face it the price is awesome.) We have never had a bad experience and have been flying with them for about six years. (Unlike another nameless low-cost carrier who left me stranded on the tarmac in Phuket for four hours.)

I am usually pretty happy with the exit row but this time the lovely humans at AirAsia upgraded me to Business!

So, here is the low down if you are considering AirAsia for your next trip.

The flight: Sydney to Kuala Lumper

The plane: A330 300 Airbus

Check in: There was no line on arrival at the business check in and went straight through. (First fist pump.) We had a seamless experience at Sydney airport, whizzing through immigration line and the security check. I usually find this part of the trip quite stressful and anxiety provoking, so it was wonderful to get this over with and get into holiday mode. Con: AirAsia does not have a lounge at Sydney Airport. This would have been nice as we arrived quite early.

The seat: With just twelve seats in the business section, I was so excited to step on the plane and chill out from the start. The seat is a super comfortable reclining chair (with a foot rest) that flattens into a bed. YES THAT IS RIGHT: A TOTALLY FLAT BED.

Image courtesy of AirAsia

Image courtesy of AirAsia

(Second fist pump.) I tried and tried and tried for research’s sake and I could not touch the chair in front of me, even pointing my toes. It was like spending the day in an armchair in front of the TV at home. Although the flight was during the day, we both found ourselves so relaxed that we went into the land of nod for a few hours, until the kid next to us started to lose his mind. (There was nothing AirAsia could do about this, nor could the kids parents, it seemed.)

Isn't he cute?

Isn’t he cute?

My Ginger Hunk is not a man who sleeps on flights, so check him out above.

They also give you a snuggly doona and a comfortable cushion. (Third fist pump.)

In the land of nod. So happy.

In the land of nod. So happy.

Entertainment: You can rent a little ipad dooby wacker from AirAsia if you like, and you get the best deal if you book this with your ticket. Because I married a gadget man, we prefer to deck out our ipad with our own movies and tv shows. Personally, I like to spend our long haul flights trapping the Ginger Hunk to talk about the future, and he tries to ignore me. The kid next to us had said ipad, and while he was not screaming, it seemed to work pretty well from where I was watching.

Food: This part of the journey was a bit of a let down. We were given guava juice on arrival on the aircraft, which was a nice touch, and unlimited water throughout the flight. The rest you had to purchase unless you pre booked a meal. We had booked one main meal each. My vegetable birayani was a bit on the small side, with three pieces of cauliflower and a small serving of rice. We ordered some more food later on which was the standard fare.

Verdict: We arrived at Kuala Lumper feeling happy, rested and a lot less frazzled than we would from our usual economy class journey. It’s also nice to get off the plane first. (Fourth first pump.) And we also got our bags first. (Fifth fist pump.) While the AirAsia business class can’t be compared to an airline offering a full service with all the food and trimmings, I would recommend it for the amazing space and comfort that the flat bed brings.

Booking tip: AirAsia also offers a service called Option Town when you book a flight with them. They will email this to you a couple of weeks before you leave. You pay an amount on your credit card, and if there are spare seats on the flight, they will upgrade you to a flatbed or book out the seat in the middle of you.  If the flight is full, they refund your money!

We always fly AirAsia to get to tropical destinations.  

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Happy travels!

Ashleigh XXXX 

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