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A Moment

A couple of years ago I was stressed out of my mind, sitting and waiting in the psychologist’s office and flipping through the old magazines. I was anxious and worried about what the future would hold for me. I was hating my job and life in general. I saw a photo of Palawan Island on the front of a magazine, snapped a photo of this place on my phone and sent it to The Ginger Hunk, wondering where this was.

I didn’t really think of it much more after that moment.

Fast forward to now, 2015.

This last week I’ve been given the opportunity to sail around El Nido in Palawan and learn to freedive with Palawan Divers, for some articles I am writing.

I won’t share too much about that now, because I will save the stories for that. Some I will save just for me.

What I wanted share with you was this moment capture above.

I am freediving at 18m below sea level in the place I wondered about that day just a few years ago.

The image signifies how much I have changed and the journey I have taken from there till now.

To living the life I want. To not being afraid anymore. To trusting myself.

Down.. down…down…


Photo credit James Mills


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