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Project Update – Hotels With Cats

August 14, 2017

I’ve been busy burrowing away at my new project and not much time for this blog. I am sorry but I am pleased to report that I am still alive and happy! It’s one of those times in life when everything is going well in writing land and my head is full of creative ideas after a really long slump. My mental health job that I am doing is going great guns (4 days a week), lovely supportive team and I have both trust and creative licence (a nice feeling in a Government job) and I am burning the candle at both ends working on Hotels With Cats, jotting down ideas for my book, and working on a big interesting report. And headed overseas in 11 days. But all good things. Right?

Sometimes you have nothing, and sometimes everything happens all at once. So I have to go with the flow and enjoy it.

So, apparently, Hotels With Cats is turning into a bigger deal than I imagined. And there are so many POSH Hotels With Cats.  And so many Hotels With Cats. I’m planning a world trip to basically pet cats in five-star resorts in the next few years. These cats are onto something. I have a clear plan now for my next life. I was aiming to be a cat with a crazy old cat lady but these cats have allowed me to reach for higher goals. Five-star all the way it is.

From left to clockwise around the right in the feature image, we have Cap Maison resort, St Lucia, where a prawn munching cat called Davidson lives, we have Dolphinfish (who might be my favourite look at his feet) from Seawall Apartments Adelaide, Oreo from The Armstrong Hotel in Fort Collins  and Skabenga from The Oyster Box in South Africa. Credit to all the hotels for sending me these images with permission to share. And their cat stories!  Continue Reading…

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New Project – Hotels With Cats

June 27, 2017

I’ve been busy away from My Meow working on a new project, Hotels With Cats. It’s been keeping me awake day and night with ideas and energy. I’m in the flow. Which hasn’t happened in a while. So I am going with it while my curious takes me there. The idea came to me the last day of my holidays in Bali, after the excitement of staying in two hotels with resident cats before we left. I get so excited when I stay in a hotel with a resident cat.

“What if cat people could find cats wherever they go?” I thought. So I am building a travel directory for cat people. A collection of Hotels With Cats, Cat Cafes and Sanctuaries. Think Villa Kitty in Bali or Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii. I want to tell the tales of quirky cats, as well as highlight fantastic destinations and hotels. You’ll be able to search by continent or by theme. Longer term, I am thinking postcards, a beautiful photography book and all the rest. This will be my passions for cats and travel giving birth!  Continue Reading…

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The Winner Is Maggie

February 10, 2017

Thanks for all your entries for my Kitty Kat Boredom Buster Giveaway! There was a lot of bored kitties out there from the sound of things, but the winner goes to Maggie. Maggie has been known to scoot around the house and end up on top of the shower head! Hope you like your new toy Maggie, for some much safer ground dwelling play time.

Ashleigh XXX

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Guest Blog: From The Cat + Kitty Kat Boredom Buster GIVEAWAY!

January 31, 2017

It’s Piper! The little one here! I’ve been desperate to get on the blog since I joined the household, but the other one would not let me near the computer! It’s hard being a little sister. I’m frisky and my older sister Sasha is well…. sleepy and posh. She spends a lot of time grooming herself and looking exasperated staring at me to go away, (like she’s not sure why I’m still here six months later).

Anyway, I digress from talking about my new toy. The bonus of being rescued into the household of The Crazy Cat Lady means that she gets sent things from her furriends on the interweb for us to play with. This time, it was ME that got a gift! The lovely Julie is a very good cat servant, and has been busy creating things for her fur babies. She sent me her invention, the Kitty Kat Boredom Buster to try! I LOVE to play. I was so excited before it arrived.  I’ve got electric bugs and springs and tunnels and all sorts of toys hidden around the house to trip the humans over. Anyway, the day it arrived I could hardly contain myself!

I helped unpack the box of course.

Even though my human is somewhat technically challenged, The Kitty Kat Boredom Buster was easy to assemble with instructions for said human and my close supppurrvision.

In two to three minutes, you have a magical puzzle box to play with.  The middle section is adjustable depending on how dumb  a cat you are, and how hard you want to work to get things out. Once it’s up, get your human to insert whatever you fancy that day: toy, mouse, food or hair elastic (sadly I have been banned from these after my recent trip to the vet), and then the challenge is to get it meowt as soon as possible and serve it back to your human for another round. I’m quite a smart cat, so we put them on the most technical settings. You will see that I gave it a good rough and tumble, and the thing is pretty durable (unless you’re a little on the overweight side.)  Here is me live in action getting out my green mouse! Continue Reading…

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How To Socialise Two Cats

November 8, 2016

I have not yet written about our experience introducing the serial killer  Sasha to our newest family member, little Piper. It was HARD WORK, I am not going to lie and it took a long time. People cannot believe that my white princess has somehow accepted her new ginger sister, but we certainly did not rush things, and it did take us some work. I hope this post might help you socialising two cats, or even a cat with a dog.  My big tip is GO SLOW, and repeat a previous step if needed. For those of you who do not know Sasha, (the white one), she is a strange rescue cat who hides from the vacuum cleaner and hisses at delivery men. (I’m basically dealing with a feline psychopath.) But she is very social, with us. She would sing the song of her people at 5am in the morning, meowing for playtime and walks, ALL THE TIME, and generally give us the shits. We thought boredom would be it, and so… this happened…


Without much planning, The Ginger Hunk fell in love with this little girl at the RSPCA, and so we brought her home. (Apparently we would have had better luck putting a male cat with Sasha, but it was too late to intervene, The Ginger Hunk had fallen, deep and hard.)

Day One – Separate Rooms 

After watching Jackson Galaxy videos, we put the kitten in one room, and let the main cat have the run of the house. This is what we did for the first day. Piper was happy exploring the new world of The Ginger Hunk’s office, and Sasha was happy knowing that whatever was in there, couldn’t get her. We set up each cat with their own stuff, food, litter and bedding and keep them separated, while giving them both attention.

Day 2 – 7 – Smell Swapping Continue Reading…

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About Curious Cats

July 25, 2016

A sponsored post for Frontline

They say curiosity kills the cat. Sadly, it sometimes does. It can be stressful having a curious cat. I’ve had one.  Once upon a time, when I was 14 or so, we were driving down the road. A car behind us was beeping. Repeatedly. My Dad was swearing to the stars, complaining about what an aggressive driver he was. As soon as we stopped, the man jumped out of his car and ran to our window. “Do you have a small tabby cat?”, the man asked, his eyes wild with worry. “Yes!” I cried. “Well it flew off the roof of your car halfway down Allambie Road” the bloke said. I couldn’t believe it. My Dad, somewhat dismayed about this surprising samaritan, listened to where my cat was said to have detached from the car, and we drove back to where she was. Sure enough, we found my Winnie, sitting in the bushes, stunned as a mullet. She never slept on the car again, and lived to the ripe old age of 19.

As a pet owner, a curious cat makes you worry with fear. My fur babies are indoors and a little bit shy. Wallace, my sister’s cat, is all kinds of curious. You couldn’t make an indoor cat out of Wallace if you tried. He is desperate to get outdoors each morning, and he’s anyones when he does. He bumps noses with dogs, talks to people on their walks, scuffles down drains, climbs roofs, trees and all sorts of things. He has frequent trips to the vet and has been known to have been located inside strange homes late at night.  Continue Reading…