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The Not So Amazing Part Of Travelling

September 2, 2017

This morning I was swimming in the bright blue seas of Spartia, not a care in the world and tonight I am here with half our bags (they are still in Kefalonia, we think), stranded in Athens airport for FOUR freaking hours, due to a storm in Rome. Anyway, it has given me a good opportunity to get on the blog, and do some Hotels With Cats scheduling. We launched the site by the waybwith our first ten hotel cats if you’re inclined to check it out!  Note to self, I will not plan to launch another website whilst in another country on sporadic wifi. 

Kefalonia is another post all together, I am so glad I choose it as my greek island destination. Ginger Hunk and I like to go off the path a little, if something is full of western bars and farang (foreigner) then we freaking hate it. So Kefalonia was chilled, nice and quiet, cheap and full of amazing and beautiful beaches….like the above. It felt like another honeymoon with the new hip, like a fresh start for the rest of forever. Anyway the not so good part of travelling is situations like this, but you know what? It could be worse. Thanks to our capsule packing we actually have all our clothes on us (win!), it is the parachutes that need to take more time to arrive. Continue Reading…

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Packing A Capsule Travel Wardrobe For One Month in Europe

August 22, 2017

Over the years I’ve become pretty minimalist at everything, including packing. Although I packed pretty light for Bali I took the whole kit and kaboodle of toiletries (including my own pillow). Having said that over six weeks there were still things that I didn’t want to wear, and of course I bought some dresses and lived in them! Packing for Europe is different. We are getting on trains, planes and automobiles and I didn’t want to be carrying a heap of things around with me, getting annoyed life and whining at The Ginger Hunk. We had to pack for summer in Cephalonia and Rome (20 – 30 degrees) and cooler weather in the Dolomites (22 during the day but down to 10 degrees at night). I wanted to pack smart and light but I didn’t want to look like a backpacker because I shall be meeting people and doing Hotels With Cats things. Hence the need for the travel wardrobe overhaul.

I took inspiration at Nikki from Styling You from her capsule wardrobe post about travelling in Europe and did a couple of things in advance. I overhauled my wardrobe and threw out a lot of things that didn’t go with anything, didn’t fit anymore, and bought quality items in a colour scheme from designers that I love, that I knew would LAST and most importantly that I felt GREAT in. *I’m no fashionista by the way. Just your simple, sporty, size 12 woman wanting to be comfortable and look good whilst travelling. As you can see I like stripes, black and grey and I stuck to this in my purchasing plan. Here’s a few things I bought prior to designing my travel wardrobe (no sponsorship here just a public service announcement!). I also bought a few scarves from second hand shops, and some walking shoes from Joya (which are awesome). 

Boden Clothing Double Layer Front Vest $34 (Image Credit Boden Clothing)

J Crew Vintage Andiamo T-Shirt $49, (Image Credit JCrew)

Bamboo Body Cashmere Wool Travel Wrap $109 from The Iconic. (Image from @ The Iconic)

Anyhow after the purchase of said items I tried to look at my whole wardrobe as a mix and match feast. No fashion blogger am I said I  ever. HOWEVER, I have realised such useful things while packing my travel wardrobe and purchasing clothing in general in recent times that I shall share with you all.  Continue Reading…

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The Best Places To Eat In Amed

July 10, 2017

Amed, situated on the north east coast of Bali is a quiet little fishing village three hours of Denpasar. In my month here I found some treasures, and must eats here for your next trip (for half the price of southern Bali.) Here are some of the best places to eat in Amed. Hit me up if I have missed any!

Warung Enak 

Warung Enak is a favourite with travellers coming to Amed and it’s easy to see why. Situated on the main street, they serve a great selection of salad, pizza, fish of the day and home made ice cream. They have recently extended their seating area but it still gets super busy, especially in diving season so get there early. Be prepared for things to take a while if you are in a large group. Notable mentions: Tuna and corn pizza and the tofu and egg salad. Jl. Raya Pengosekan Ubud, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Warung Osin 

This is a small, unassuming and very clean warung close to the centre of Amed opposite the ATM and Barung dive centre. It is easy to walk straight past but if you do you will miss some of the best Indonesian food in Amed. Here you can get great nasi campur (a little taste of everything), satay chicken and fish, as well as fish of the day. The above meal of satay tuna will set you back about $6 AUD. Continue Reading…

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New Project – Hotels With Cats

June 27, 2017

I’ve been busy away from My Meow working on a new project, Hotels With Cats. It’s been keeping me awake day and night with ideas and energy. I’m in the flow. Which hasn’t happened in a while. So I am going with it while my curious takes me there. The idea came to me the last day of my holidays in Bali, after the excitement of staying in two hotels with resident cats before we left. I get so excited when I stay in a hotel with a resident cat.

“What if cat people could find cats wherever they go?” I thought. So I am building a travel directory for cat people. A collection of Hotels With Cats, Cat Cafes and Sanctuaries. Think Villa Kitty in Bali or Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii. I want to tell the tales of quirky cats, as well as highlight fantastic destinations and hotels. You’ll be able to search by continent or by theme. Longer term, I am thinking postcards, a beautiful photography book and all the rest. This will be my passions for cats and travel giving birth!  Continue Reading…

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Moving Forward And Being Grateful That It Happened

June 23, 2017

How do you explain to someone who isn’t a freediver that you’ve spent the last six weeks in Bali trying to hold your breath under water? Those in the know would know that freediving is more than that. That deep under the water, if you’re not feeling great, anxious, tired, it just wont work. Your body will say no. Or your mind will. You spend a lot of the time looking at yourself. Why did I feel uncomfortable on that dive? Why did I turn? Why wasn’t I relaxed and felt that the bottom was soo far away. I spent the last six weeks looking in and not out.  Continue Reading…

42 Days of Summer, Travel & Wanderlust

30m Freediving Reflections – 42 Days of Summer

May 22, 2017

I didn’t come to Bali with a set number in my head for freediving, or to become an instructor. My only wish was to relax and improve. When I heard I had to do 30m for my Level 3 I silently freaked out. I had done 22 and 25m dives a couple of times last June, at the end of my course, but on previous trips my ears had given out day three and day four preventing me from further deeper dives. I progress a lot slower than other freedivers because I had so many problems with equalisation at the beginning of learning this sport. It is hard to not compare your progress to others but it is so individual, and such a mental process. Everyone is different. I guess I am still scared of pushing my ears because of the pain I have felt in the past. When I arrived in Bali to train I still had to do my constant weight from my AIDA *** to 25m. This trip, of course I wanted to pass that point but overall I wanted to focus on equalisation and make sure that I could actually make it to the end of four weeks without ruining my little sensitive ears.

 My instructor Dan from Apneista Freediving & Yoga Amed, did a smart thing. He didn’t tell me all the requirments for Level 3 so I wouldn’t think about them at the beginning, only relaxation. During the week with Frederic, I had made 27 or 28m dives easily, both finning down (constant weight) or pulling down the rope (free immersion). I could see the tennis ball at the end of the 30m line, but literally freaked myself out from going that extra 2m. In my head all I think about is that I’ve never been that far before. And that extra part is the best fun of all if you remain relaxed. In freediving, the magic happens at around 15 to 20m when you become negatively buoyant. Then, you don’t have to do anything else but enjoy as you freefall to the bottom of the line. When you have a nice freefall, you tuck your head in and chill, and it feels like you’re flying down the line through the water. It is a really relaxing feeling if you can close the demons in your head telling you that you are so far away from the surface. You just focus on your equalisation and enjoy the ride. Continue Reading…