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Day 24 Reflections – 42 Days of Summer

And so it is after about three weeks of chill I think that the big questions start to come. What am I doing with my life? What is it all about? Is Sydney life really it? Am I really meant to sit in an office? I’m not sure what the answer is, but I know if I was a digital nomad, I’d have to have something to sell, and I’d have to have more decent wifi. It’s taken sooo long, two beers and three different locations to write this post. So it will be back to the office for me for now.

A holiday this is not and I have not even touched the sides of all the things I wanted to read, because the training has been so hectic! Amazing but hectic. I have really improved my diving feeling super comfortable  and increasing my depth each day. I have met a new family of freediver friends here in Amed to come back and visit, my original fears of changing schools were really unfounded.  Last week rounded up the end of a five day workshop with Frederic Lemaitre. I was sooo exhausted by the end of it, and so were the instructors.

A shot from Freediving last week with Frederic Lemaitre. Credit Kwabana.

They gave us three dry days out of the water, so today we did some fun diving to the USAT Liberty Shipwreck today. USAT is 104 meters of shipwreck that was pushed off the beach and covered in volcanic ash. The bow is in about 5 meters of water and the stern goes down to about 20 meters. So many fish and fun swim throughs. This time I could get the courage up to do the 15m ones. Plus… Ginger Hunk! Here is some footage from today.

Ginger Hunk arrived on Friday and we had a great weekend chilling with friends who were up visiting from down south.

He’s still in semi recovery mode so I have to remember not to push him too much because I’m so excited to do stuff. Our last week in Bali will be simply relaxing. There were too many Bintang on Saturday night and Sunday a relaxing day at Lipah Beach, a beautiful sandy spot a few beaches down where we enjoyed a spot of fried calamari. Reminded me of the stuff you get in Croatia.

Back with Ginger Hunk

Tomorrow it’s back to freedive school before my friend Paul arrives at the end of the week to start his own freediving journey. Words cannot describe the freedom of exploring the water on one breath when you let go of your fear. It really is a beautiful thing.

Much Love, Ashleigh

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