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Being busy, doing nothing

I’ve been back at this full-time work gig for a month now, and while the money is great, I just feel so busy. Now this isn’t a busy competition, because I hear it all the time, you don’t have kids, life, blah large mortgage blah, blah, blah. As I said before. Life isn’t a competition of who is more busy or tired. We are all trying to get through this messy and amazing life together.  Great post here which is about that too. But I need to rant tonight as I’m feeling a little stressed.

Life was meant to go like this. 

December – Finish job. Help Ginger Hunk recover from some health issues.

January – Help Ginger Hunk recover, enjoy the summer.

February – Go to India with healed Ginger Hunk

March – Start new part time job with Ginger Hunk all healed and back working on his business. Work on my writing.

Instead it has gone like this. 

December – Ginger Hunk get’s infection. In the meantime progress is halted. Ginger Hunk get’s a new advocate and they lodge a million things with DVA.

Now we are pretty much in a state of waiting for the DVA to pay us and accept all his injuries. He hasn’t been able to work for three months, because the pain in his hip is so bad.

In the meantime, I was very lucky to score a job. Writing has been going great but it won’t cover the mortgage. And it seems to be a flexible job. It started out as three days and now I am on a full time gig until May. Hopefully the situation changes with The Ginger Hunk and DVA soon, but right now the money is too good to say no. And I have to pick my priorities. So things like working on my children’s book is on the back burner, as is pitching for more articles. Working full time again, I’m exhausted by the end of the week, even too exhausted to blog. Also with The Ginger Hunk housebound, I just want to be with him. So I’m in this mix of wanting to go to the gym, because I sit on my arse all day, but then wanting to come home to Ginger Hunk and our two kitties at the end of the day. Which is a whole new thing to write about and I will this week!

They are going pretty well but we are still giving them time out and it our house looks like a kitten nursery.

I’m feeling pretty busy doing nothing.

How are you?

Happy Sunday!

Ashleigh XXX 

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