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Introducing Piper. (Properly this time.)

April 11, 2016

I haven’t had a chance to blog much because we adopted a kitten. I know I wrote about her a little in my post the other day, but now I can tell you the whole story and how life is coming about so far with two cats in our place. We had talked about another cat for a while. Our current cat is a little bit cray cray. Okay that is a bit mean, but she really has a screw loose. The Ginger Hunk jokes that she is like a pretty girl in a bar you want to buy a drink for! She’s a super smart white rescue cat. She even writes and has her own Instagram page, but she’s super sketchy around new humans. Always playful with us though, and singing the song of her people at five am, tapping our arms to go for walks and meowing for the laser pointer. When we get home from work, we can hear her HOWLING at the car in desperation for us. It is so cute. So we thought, we just have to try to see how she goes with a mate. With The Ginger Hunk at home and getting bored, it was a somewhat sporadic decision, but we started talking about it more and more.

Then The Ginger Hunk went to Pet Barn who had some RSPCA kitties, and fell in love.

With this.


What we thought at the time, was it was a boy cat. To go with our girl cat. But when they did the scan, she is actually a she, Sally, the 5 month old GIRL rescue cat. If you’re not a cat person, most Ginger cats are boy cats. And by then it was too late. The Ginger Hunk was in love. He’s been going through a rough patch waiting for claims and health and all sorts. So while he is at home, we thought why not. And so Sally (now called Piper) came home with us on Sunday. Originally for a two-week trial, but The Ginger Hunk has decided she is ours. They are madly in love as I said it before. Like I’m madly in love with Sasha.

Apparently to introduce two cats, the slower you go the better things are. They might not end up being best friends (or they might). They have to learn first that they are not in competition for food or love, and eventually they can learn to co-habitat.  As Sasha has been queen of the house (and very doted on) this is hard for her to handle. But better than expected. We haven’t had any swipes, just a lot of hissing. (As she does with anyone who comes in to the house actually, we joke that she is our guard cat.) You start to introduce two cats by confining the kitten to a room, and then swapping items between rooms, bedding, pillows and all that, so the cats can smell each other. So we have been going from room to room for the first few days while Sasha get’s used to the smell. At first, Sasha was hissing at the scent of another cat. She seemed a little afraid at first, hissing at the door when she heard the kitten meowing. Once this turns to complacency, then you can let them see each other a little through a gap in the door then occasional supervised visits. Once aggression starts, then you go back a step.

2016-04-11_21.22.11We are at the stage now when we have a little interaction in the day, and through a gap in the door for more lengthy periods. It seems to be going well so far, besides when Piper screams the most long pathetic meows in the land when you lock her in the office for the night. WHERE DO THEY LEARN THIS IN KITTEN SCHOOL? In the morning Piper comes into the bedroom as she is howling her head off then Sasha is howling to get into the bedroom, so I find myself on the couch at 5am sleeping with Sasha while James is inside with the kitten. Aside from that we are trying to keep Sasha’s routine as her usual. At first she was a bit upset, but the last few days she has been waking us up and singing the song of her people as usual.

I just want this all to be over so we can all be a happy furmily!

Patience my friend is a virtue.

Ever introduced two pets?

Any successes?

Ashleigh XXX 

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  • You have so much more tolerance than I do! We have one cat who has learnt that if he wants extra food (when he already has some but is being fussy), I am not the person to go to. Funnily enough, I’m sure he understands me because he always does what I say.

  • Piper is beautiful…I feel like I know her already from your insta feed and FB updates 🙂 How gorgeous that she’s a cuddler. I’ve got one cat that meows a lot — Pebbles — they even called her a whinger when I adopted her so I should have been prepared. Hopefully it’s only a few more nights of no sleep before you are all a happy furmily! 🙂

  • And I thought cats were always quiet! You have beautiful cat babies – I am sure you will adore being a family of four!

  • Cecelia Trncza

    Yes! I’ve done this…God…3 times now. Wow, that makes me feel old. It can take time. Make sure the first cat has access to everything first (as much as you can) Make sure that there are places to run and hide when needed. Praise both as much as possible and hang in there!!!

    • Yes we are doing that. Trying to keep her routine as normal as possible. They are seperated for now except for short interludes.

  • Alix@thebuilderette

    oh they are both so cute and yes, I thought all gingers were male! We have successfully integrated 2 cats a couple of times and it hasn’t taken long at all, but depends on the cats I guess. Ours have always been pretty mellow. Good luck!

  • It took 6 months for our cats to begin to like one another, though even now 3 years later, they have their moments!!

  • V interested to read this as we have been thinking about giving Miss Fleur a brother or sister too. Fleur sends purry greetings to Piper, they have something in common – they are both beautiful ginger FEMALE kitties!

  • Ah what gorgeous kitties! I once got a kitten (I was16) and called her Sally Dinsdale. When we went to get her de-sexed we discovered that she was not a Sally at all, but a McNally (AKA Kitty).
    We brought a Maine Coon kitten into our home on April 2nd. She is a darling girl, named Jane. We got her to be a therapy/companion cat for my little boy who has autism, after reading about another amazing Maine Coon therapy cat. It is so good to have a furry friend in the house again.Secretly, I can’t wait for the kids to go to bed so I can get my fix of purring lap kitten gazing adoringly up into my eye!
    dani @Sand has no home

    • Maine Coon’s are beautiful. I read a fabulous book about that as well but I can’t remember the name of it!

  • Oooooh a ginger lady! How unique! I’ve had two kitties before, I found kittens always give older cats a new lease on life 🙂