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Being on Q&A and getting back my writing Mojo

Mojo = magic charm, talisman, or spell.

“someone must have their mojo working over at the record company”, or, influence, especially magic power.

For what felt like ages I lost my writing mojo. I put this down to a result of many things: companies approaching me to blog for nothing, lack of interest in me to blog about something, and a myriad of my articles sitting around in editor’s inboxes across the country waiting to be published. Add this to the combination of full-time work taking over my brain and life in recent months. I’ve got a half-finished, half arsed children’s book floating around, and all this year I’ve been waiting for the mojo to come.

It hasn’t.

Let’s rewind to the events of last week which got me onto Q&A. I have a young energetic friend at work who reminds me of me in my 2o something days. Says yes to everything. My thirty-six year old self (almost 36) is somewhat envious but also tired by her daily pursuits and boundless energy. I do love her so. But I don’t know how she does it. Anyway, thankfully for me, one of her pursuits was getting us all into the Q&A audience last Monday night. A lovely mix of work colleagues, of different ages and cultures, all went along together. During the day we all thought of questions to ask the all female panel and submitted them with anticipation. My friend, her 5th time on Q&A got her question picked, she was overjoyed when the producer called. So I was shocked when I was also called at 5pm.


And as you all know, I was in a funk last week. Or the last few weeks. So I wasn’t my feeling my best self. Anyhow, when we were all whisked into the studio, questions in hand, we had to put our hands up so Tony Jones could look endearingly into our eyes when it came to our turn. I was going to fake it till I made it. My friend put some lipstick on me and told me to pull it together. The panel was loitering when it was my turn. The microphone came my way. I was nervous. And then all of a sudden, I didn’t really want to ask Lindy West about obesity because she was nice and funny and I didn’t want to feel like a mean girl. But that is what Q&A is. So here I go and I look into Tony’s eyes and I ask the question. You can watch here if you like. What transpired in the next day or so was the question about our bodies. Do we own them? Do we owe anyone anything with our bodies? Do we HAVE to be healthy? If so WHY?

But the point is not this question. It is that I was inspired. Finally I had some words to get out.  I pitched my little heart out for the next day. First to SMH (a no) and then to SBS (a yes). So I hustled and wrote and hustled and wrote and somebody  paid me to write my opinion! Which gave me a good confidence kick that yes I can still write, yes I can hustle. (Plus a “we love your pieces on being childfree as well, please write more of that for us” on submission, which was nice.)

So since last week, I’ve contacted all said editors hanging onto pieces of my work to ask WHEN, they will be out, and if never please return them so I can see they see the light of day. I’ve sent in one more pitches, and ideas have been coming to me for the missing parts of my book in the shower (of all places).

This creativity thing is a funny thing. When you turn it off it will ignore you.

When you invite it in, it will be sure to dance.

Happy Tuesday,  

Much Love, 


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