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Day 11 Reflections – 42 Days of Summer

Have I really been away 11 days already? It has been a bit of a blur. I’m delayed with my posts because I had a nightmare with my site, somehow it reverted back to old fonts, and my old settings did not work. So I’ve had a delightful time, trying to re-code the fonts here in the Balinese WIFI. Anyway, if something is weird, do tell me.

So I spent the first four days of my trip winding down in Penestanan, Ubud. Caught up with some friends, walked in rice fields, practiced some yoga and ate a lot of wonderful vegetarian food. I’ll share my tips here in a separate post. I also spent about four hours one day visiting Villa Kitty Bali, again, a separate post. I was truly amazed at the dedication of one woman to bring animal rights to Bali. It is really sad what happens to the little kittens here, anyway, I will save that tail (get it, tail?) for another time.

On Tuesday I arrived in Amed, and felt the sigh of relief to be in a slower paced quiet environment. I was a little bit anxious to not have the familiarity of my old dive instructor and my old freedive school but on turning up at my homestay and Apneista I knew I had nothing to worry about.

On Wednesday, I met my new freediving family and was delighted to find out the owner’s wife is a mad cat lady, and they have five cats in their home. I had three warm up sessions in beautiful Jemeluk Bay, where the visibility was so awesome we could see and touch the sand from the 25m line. After my anxiety about getting in the water, my previous equalisation troubles, I was astounded to get to free immersion at 23m on day three. (This is holding in the rope pulling down).  Thursday night the Dad arrived and I’ve had this weekend off serious diving, before my Master Course Officially starts this afternoon. We’ve had some fun snorkelling, enjoying fish BBQ on the beach, and did a fun freedive at the shipwreck. Dad even impressed me doing 8m swim throughs! On one breath. Maybe I’ll convince him to join freediving school next time. What a trooper!


Dad The Cup Coffee Shop Amed

I’m missing The Ginger Hunk and my fur babies desperately ( I reckon about a week is our limit till we start to really miss each other) but I know the next week and a bit will go fast (but not too fast, I want to soak up every moment.)

Much Love, 


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