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How to break up a bogan party

February 1, 2015

My street is lovely. (Busy but lovely.) And is relatively quiet for the amount of people who live here.

We have drinks at Christmas, look after each others pets and enjoy the occasional glass of wine over the balcony.

We say hello to each other on the driveway, comment on the weather… that sorta thing.

Our peace has been destroyed by all night partying bogans that have moved into the block behind us.

And they party like its 1999 – all night long. All weekend long. Even on a Tuesday night.

There is no prediction when the bogan party will begin. But it all starts the same way.

It starts with the techno. (Doof Doof Doof.) Then one bogan turns into three or four (or more). Voices project, the music goes up.

They do not like to have their bogan conversations INSIDE. They like to have them OUTSIDE, so their stories can waft into the bedrooms of everyone in my apartment block, whilst they throw ciggies off the balcony and sink VB.

“Like. We are family right. It’s all we got. Right. Like. Yeah.”

The later the night goes on, or the earlier in the morning it is, the conversations get waaaayyy less enlightening until just one bogan is left alone on the wall with 99 bottles of beer and the doof doof music.

Did I mention they can’t listen to a whole track? No sir.

Only 20 seconds or so of one delightful track, before the joy of another one starts.

Last night, I was quite drunk (nothing quite like finishing a four week detox with four bottles of wine).

I got home (from lunch) at 11pm.

Delighted that my Sunday would not be a write off, I swiftly washed off my make up, sculled water and lay in bed with the cat.

I was dosing off to sleep and thinking just how pleased I was of myself for pulling the pin then….

BAAAM…..Doof Doof… on goes the music.

Then the deep and meaningful conversations start, ending at FIVE AM when the non resident bogans left.

By this time, the cat had heard the commotion, and decided that her day had begun and started her morning howling session – just when I was getting to sleep.

What do I do now?

I ran through the below options in my head at 4am today.

Go over in my undies and yell at them to shut up?

Call the cops? (My neighbor with a newborn did this last night and they did not come!)

Send The Ginger Hunk over in his military uniform (or undies) to scare the shit out of them?

Write to their strata company?

Write to them?

Ring up all the real estate agents in my area and find out who the faak placed these bogans in my hood? 

Help me!

Photo credit from Things Bogans Like. 

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  • Oh you poor thing. I feel for you. The advice of being the squeaky wheel is a good one. Write, phone every time. It is tiring, I know, but hopefully it will bring results. In the meantime sending lots of peaceful, quiet juju xx

  • Yes, write to the Strata and, if you can find out, the managing agent, and the council… be the squeaky shoe… you need to write to them everytime they do this…

    Mind you, I can’t believe the people in the same block aren’t complaining already…

    I’d still be inclined to call the cops – there are noise restrictions (after 11pm, I think) so you are in your rights to call the cops… but again, you might have to be the squeaky shoe…

  • Well I’d probably do as Claudia suggested but the Temple Guru has done this before to our bogan neighbors from way back… unite with a couple of other neighbors and then on the morning after a bogan party each of you get your stereos and turn them up loud.. nice and early… they’ll end up being too tired from noisy stereos waking them after late nights…… possibly…. but what Claudia says…… she sounds way more reliable….

  • Claudia

    Ask their strata manager for the details of their agent or land lord so you can let them know you will be talking to council about a noise abatement order ( you don’t have to actually get the order- just the threat will usually be enough). The owner is responsible for the noise and can be fined if it continues. They are likely to threaten the bogans with eviction if it continues. Landlords don’t want tenant headaches. Don’t bother with the cops or approaching the neighbors directly. It will just inflame the situation and they may react badly.

    • A wise and sensible idea! (Unlike The Ginger in his undies.)

      • Claudia

        They would probably just invite him to stay for a VB anyway.

  • Hugzilla

    Oh Jesus, that sounds like utter hell. I have no answer, sorry, as thankfully I have never had to deal with this. I hope between you and your neighbours that someone can find a solution.