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A little more time

It feels naughty and decadent to say this but tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life (I hope) having Fridays off!

* ‘Off’ means I now have a day a week to dedicate to my passions, help The Ginger Hunk with his business and to make my book come alive!

This is something that I have thought about for a very long time (even before I started to write) but I have been scared to do.

Back when I was a social worker ( and stressed out of my brain) I used to fantasize about having a part-time social work, part-time fitness instructor type arrangement.

I always knew deep down that I was a person who would find balance by doing a number of different things.

My parents brought me up and taught me that having a ‘safe’ job was so very important (and it is kind of because you need money) but this can also slowly waste  away all the creativeness and TIME that you have.

You spend your life waiting for when you retire to follow your passions. No thank you.

I did not write for eight years when I was in front line work with clients. I forgot that it was something that I used to enjoy.

There is  a lot to be said about that.

All my brain capacity was being used on other people. While it was amazing, and an honor to help the clients who I worked with, I had nothing left of myself for myself.

When I was doing my head in last year about planning where my life was going, something clicked in my head and that is that we only have the TIME that we have RIGHT NOW.

We don’t have later. We can’t base our decisions on what if, only on what we know now.

There is never a right time to follow your dream, no one is ever going to give you permission.

I am not going to lie. The decision to have more ‘time’ for me does not come without a sacrifice.

We are not rolling it in. We have not won lotto.

It will mean less regular money (for now anyway), probably a little longer in our unit, and saying no to more things.

But time is something that you can’t get back.

Have you done anything recently  to get yourself a little more time?


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