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I’m not the fastest travel blogger. My bad? I actually don’t get on the computer so much when I am away. I frantically make lists of themes, words and ideas on my smart phone, but I find I can’t sit down and write away at huge posts when I am travelling. Perhaps there is too much to take in, it takes my mind some time to sort through the themes, the food, the people. I want to take it all in the moment rather than writing it down. But I wanted to say that I’m back and there will be stories to share over the next few weeks. It was a fabulous relaxing 11 days with my sister, loads of eating, drinking, walking and reading. I found the Vietnamese hospitality wonderful, but not pushy and we felt super safe travelling as two women. Since being back I have been back at work, celebrating my sister’s 40th and planning a health kick. 

I’ll be putting my writing head back down this week!

Hope you are all well!

Happy Sunday!

Ashleigh XXX

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