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It’s on. A three month detox.

It is on. After thinking about it all last week, Saturday night signalled that it was time for me to start my break from alcohol (again). We had a lovely get together in the park with everyone from our apartment block. I proceeded to drink champagne, like I do at most occasions. Then after about 4 drinks, I came upstairs to go to the toilet, and suddenly felt hideously drunk. I proceeded to throw up, fall asleep at 7pm and miss the whole party.

Perhaps I had a a bug of some sort. Perhaps it was sunstroke? Perhaps I had a lot on my mind. (I do at the moment).

Then I woke up, having to do my Can Too swim at Bondi and felt surprisingly fine, albeit a little bit shaky from the whole experience.

So this is it. I start today, my third Hello Sunday Morning break. I’ll be starting with three months and maybe more.

Yes I have ‘things’ to go to. Weddings, birthdays, social outings. It’s never a good time.

I’ll still be there.

As me.

Probably a lot happier, healthier and less anxious.

Bring it on.

Ashleigh XXX

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