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Day 18 Alcohol Free – A check in…and a slip up

A little check in with how I am feeling on day 18 alcohol free MINUS 1 DAY. On Sunday I got my tattoo, and I was so wound up about it for a number of reasons, my parents lost their mind, and it felt for me, like a HUGE deal. I could not resist the urge for a few wines afterwards. I had thought about it for so long and then I got it, and it was such a relief, I really felt like and craved a wine. I am so happy with my tattoo, I look at it and want to pull the kitty off my arm and cuddle it. Okay enough crazy. Back to the wine. While I enjoyed it, it was not as great as I thought. I experienced less sleep and a feeling on Monday that the slip up wasn’t worth it. But I forgive myself with grace and kindness, I am human, so now back on the wagon. At any rate, 18 days minus 1 alcohol free is many more days than I have had free of late.

This is how I am doing this week.


More creatively. Lots of story ideas coming at me, in the shower, while vacuuming, you name it, it is coming!


Eight hours, still a bit broken, a lot on my mind at the moment. Dreaming away.


A bit healthier but still not completely off the chocolate. Not yet.




Nothing really.


Not the tattoo sans wine. Unfortunately.

Estimated drinks saved so far at day 18


Happy Hump Day! 

Ashleigh XXX

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