Meow Review: The Lobster Movie

I wasn’t going to blog for a week but I feel a bit naked NOT writing. I am driving The Ginger Hunk UP THE WALL as a result of having nothing to do and rain in Sydney. This morning I was personifying a cat, and he actually said to me, “Sasha, go away”,  (that is the level of cray cray it is at our house at the moment). So, a few nights ago, in exchange for just being really annoying, and making The Ginger Hunk watch “The Holiday”, I agreed to watch the movie “The Lobster.” I thought to myself that is some weird arse shit, hence the blog post.

The Lobster is set in the future (not to far away, by the way), where single people are sent to a hotel and given 45 days to find another mate, or else they get turned into an animal. David, (Colin Farrell) arrives at the hotel after his wife left him, with his brother, a dog, who didn’t meet a partner on a previous visit. Guests are expected to partake in all the social activities, dances, and demonstrations by the hotel staff about how good life is when you are in a pair. Guests also go ‘hunting’ in the woods at night for previous hotel escapees (the loners), that they shoot with a tranquilizer gun, receiving extra days to find a mate in exchange for their kill. David decides that he wants to be turned into a Lobster, should he not find a partner, because they can live for 100 years.

SPOILER ALERT , (but not really).

David’s friend, the ‘limping’ man, fakes a nosebleed and moves in with ‘nosebleed girl’, to the couple room, David realises that his time is running out. He tries to be something he is not to find a partner, then after a series of events he escapes and finds himself in the woods with the ‘loners’. Eventually (and unexpectedly), David finds love (with fellow loner Rachel Weisz). As it turns out, there are punishments among the loners for finding love too.

The Lobster is a take on relationships, “fitting in”, and having flaws. Even on arrival in the hotel, they announce that they do not do shoes in half sizes.

Laughable, dark and in equal elements shocking, is the extremities to which people reach to be ‘matched to someone else’ in or out of the hotel.

I laughed out loud when those having problems in “the couple room” were given a child on loan, to “sort out any relationship” issues quickly.

Overall, a good quirky watch, (but probably not your average Christmas flick).

Seen anything good lately? 

What else should I watch these holidays?

Ashleigh XXX

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