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Off the wagon of sorts

November 8, 2015

Well this is my fitness friday post on Sunday. (Because I completely forgot fitness friday.)

It is now post boozy Sunday.

I have been smashing my F45 and yoga like a demon. It has been delightful. But I have also been smashing the wine.

And I feel horrid.

If it is possible to get fitter AND fatter at the same time, then that is what I am doing.

I am upping the weights and doing bunny hops like I have never done before at F45. But I also have a muffin gut.

Stress and life changes have seen me absolutely fall off the Michelle Bridges wagon. Entirely off it. (Like I have not even opened the app.)

I am too scared to step on the scales but I can feel that I weigh somewhere in the realm of 76 kilos, when my fit weight is around 69.

It’s bloody annoying but let’s face it I haven’t stuck to anything this year for longer than three weeks (food wise) for it to make a difference.


Anyway that is all going to change this week because I have made a number of life decisions.

  1. Taking a year out from my sitting on my bum job. 
  2. Starting swimming with Can Too this week.
  3. Booze free for at least four weeks
  4. Heading to Ubud for a week of cleansing, yoga, and healing in two weeks then….
  5. My level two freedive course in Amed!

This should all kick start a mentally and physically healthy summer.

Don’t cha think?

If you want to link up your fitness related posts, have a lookey here at Sanch@myimperfectlife because this is a party!

Happy Sunday, 

Ashleigh XXXX

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  • Oh I feel you Ashleigh, I’ve been avoiding the Michelle Bridges emails as if they contain some kind of virus! Also smashing the wine… You’ve got some amazing things lined up in the next few weeks though, enjoy! x

  • I think your life decisions are great. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves when it comes to diet and exercise…they are not possible if everything else is going crazy. With plans in place, hopefully you’ll have some down time and time to reflect and this in turn, will get you back on the wagon. Take care xx

    Oh and I have the perfect way at the moment to stay off alcohol for 4 weeks — I’ve just started a medication that says strictly no alcohol while on it! Kinda wish it was Feb Fast or something so it’d actually be useful 😛