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Off the wagon of sorts

Well this is my fitness friday post on Sunday. (Because I completely forgot fitness friday.)

It is now post boozy Sunday.

I have been smashing my F45 and yoga like a demon. It has been delightful. But I have also been smashing the wine.

And I feel horrid.

If it is possible to get fitter AND fatter at the same time, then that is what I am doing.

I am upping the weights and doing bunny hops like I have never done before at F45. But I also have a muffin gut.

Stress and life changes have seen me absolutely fall off the Michelle Bridges wagon. Entirely off it. (Like I have not even opened the app.)

I am too scared to step on the scales but I can feel that I weigh somewhere in the realm of 76 kilos, when my fit weight is around 69.

It’s bloody annoying but let’s face it I haven’t stuck to anything this year for longer than three weeks (food wise) for it to make a difference.


Anyway that is all going to change this week because I have made a number of life decisions.

  1. Taking a year out from my sitting on my bum job. 
  2. Starting swimming with Can Too this week.
  3. Booze free for at least four weeks
  4. Heading to Ubud for a week of cleansing, yoga, and healing in two weeks then….
  5. My level two freedive course in Amed!

This should all kick start a mentally and physically healthy summer.

Don’t cha think?

If you want to link up your fitness related posts, have a lookey here at Sanch@myimperfectlife because this is a party!

Happy Sunday, 

Ashleigh XXXX

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