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Quitting my job

On the 17th of November, I am leaving my job. My dream job.

It was a month of funk and  “I am over it” kind of feelings which led me to want to leave. So I put it out there into the universe, then the humans that I work with suggested that I take 12 months unpaid leave instead of resigning.

So I am offically free to roam around until December 2016. It really is the best outcome I could have wanted.

My funk started with an itch, a bad feeling going to work and I just could not put in the effort anymore that my job requires.

It is not so surprising as I look back at life, it has been five years for me of ‘doing the right thing’ as I felt that I should.

I did all the right things.

I got a job, paid off my debt, bought an apartment, got married, finished my masters, and eventually got promoted and scored a job at the top of my field.

I ticked all the ‘to do’ things off my list.

I still wasn’t happy.

The itchy feeling kept coming. Feeling that something was missing. Waiting for the next thing. I filled it up with holidays.

But then it would return, and quicker after every trip. That underlying feeling, I am not meant for this.

I really wanted to be able to travel more, and not be so tied to ‘permanency.’ I was getting over the nine to five.

Wanting to lose my days in words or other things, but not sure what they were.

Let me be clear here, we have some savings. We have not won lotto. Alert. We have not won lotto.

I still need to work, but we don’t have kids, and a very affordable mortgage.

So now is the time to take a chance.

To write my book, to try new things, to travel more, work intermittently, ramp up the freelance writing, take some contracts and try new things.

It is all a bit scary from the planned life I tried so hard to fit into but also so exciting.

Have you taken a risk or quit your job? 

Was it a disaster?

Or the best thing ever? 

Happy Friday,

Ashleigh XXX 

Image above from Pixabay. This is me in Bali in two weeks time. (Okay, maybe I will put on a top on I guess.)

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