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The Awakening

Hats off to you all you ladies with small humans. I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT.

You are my heroes.

Lack of sleep, being woken 827 times a night for who knows what. Yet you are selfless,  tending to your small humans needs without (excuse my language here) LOSING YOUR SHIT, or dosing them up with something so YOU JUST GET THAT EXTRA TWENTY MINUTES SLEEP, or locking them in another room, or a car or whatever.

I do not know how you get dressed, smile at people in the supermarket and go to work with the lack of sleep that must be experienced, without killing yourself or others. I am like a maniac without eight hours sleep. A MANIAC.  At the very least, a very cranky person.

This is a disclaimer. I do not have a baby. I do not at this time in my life, have a desire to have a baby.

I have one very princess like cat and a Ginger Hunk who snores and that is enough for me.

I am aware that the cat is not a baby. She may be MY baby. But she is a self cleaning, self eating, killer of flies, mess with your minds, (may kill you when you are sleeping) type baby. She is not helpless, like the human baby, who needs constant love, nuturing and attention to survive.

(I am sure if let loose, Sasha could happily live on the wildlife in the park next door for a week or so, until the rain returned her home.)

But something is up with my cat in the last week, that has made me appreciate sleep oh so much… and appreciate what you mummas must go through.

Sasha has found her meow.  A LOUD LOUD meow.  And she starts sharing the joy of her found ability to make new noise at 4am in the morning.

It starts with the photo to the left, with the meow. Then to the middle, physical waking up tactics include launching off the bedside table onto me.

Then she either bongo drums the blinds, the basket, or runs across our heads. (We call it ‘the head run’.)

2015-01-22 06.27.59-1

2015-01-06 08.00.19

2015-01-17 17.17.27

2015-01-17 18.48.15-1








I have tried. turning on the air con, letting her out on the balcony, feeding her biccies, the water spray.

She doesn’t WANT anything. Except for me to wake up.

I even locked the door the other night, which resulted in her body slamming herself against the door, howling, until we got up.

And once I am up and getting ready for work? What does she do?


2015-01-04 09.16.50










So. Mothers and fathers of humans, animals and dogs… what do I do with my new found annoying fur baby?


Water spray?  Shut the door? Ignore??? Controlled meowing?


Help me! Any advice welcome!






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