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2017 GOALS

I’ve been thinking this week about my goals for 2017. I’m a bit late to the party with these posts, eight days in, but I’ve been doing a de-clutter of sorts. I had a bit of a nightmare the other day when I sat down to write this post,  and edited all the fonts, then had to basically re-design the whole blog. Anyway. I won the war against wordpress finally and I am here now. Last year I wrote a whole heap of intentions, but this year I want to make things a bit more concrete. After three years of injury and surgeries, 2017 feels like a new start for us, setting the foundations again for the rest of our life. We keep saying it kind of feels like getting engaged again (minus The Ginger Hunk not being able to walk for a while), and so the time is now to set new goals.

These are the areas I want to work on.

Get Serious About Money

It’s time for me to get serious about money in 2017. I’m okay with money, learning the hard way by paying off debt in the past. We have a budget of sorts. We have a floating amount in our mortgage that I don’t like to go under. But it is time to get serious about money in a grown up way, so that our money is making money for us. I would like have a plan to invest in a property that can just sit there for our retirement, have a monthly savings plan, and have some ways to make some passive income. There are some big trips coming up this year that we really need to save for as well! (More about that later.)

Continue My Healthy Habits 

While the weight loss is in a bit of a stalemate post Christmas, I have lost almost 7kg in 2016. I am hoping to lose at least another 6 to 7 before the beginning of March. When my program ends, there are some habits I am going to continue, walking first thing in the mornings, eating light at dinner, and protein only days once a week. This way of life has really improved my sleep, energy levels and mood.

Home Improvement and Living With Less

We’ve made a conscious decision that less is more, and to not to upgrade from our little apartment to a big house. But there are things we can do to both improve the value of our home and our living space. Some renovations are on the cards for 2017.  I’ve also signed up to Joshua Becker’s uncluttered course to see if there is anything I can change from the uncluttering I did in 2016. I’m hoping there are some things I missed so I can take it to the next level.

Wellbeing and Relationships 

There is a quote I heard the other day and it was “listen to understand not to respond”. 2016 was a bit of a shit year for a lot of people. In my relationships at work and outside of work, I want to listen to listen, not to argue my point straight away. It’s hard cause I think I’m always right. Even if I disagree, I can still listen to understand, something I am aware I do not always do. On the wellbeing front, meditation in 2016 has been a game changer for me and I will continue with this. I am so close to coming off my anti-depressants over the next month or two. I might see a counsellor again to get on the preventative action while this is happening, set some goals and gather communication tips. (It’s good to have a rant at a stranger sometimes.)

Other Random Things to Do

Get the cats to lick each other.

Freedive to 30m during my Master Course.

Read 24 books.

Get 8.5 hours a night sleep.

Go to EST for a romantic dinner with The Ginger Hunk.

Learn to make dumplings.

What about you?

Any big goals for 2017?

Much Love, Ashleigh XXX 

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