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Things I’m Used To Doing Solo

It’s shit having a parter who is sick. And I feel like I shouldn’t complain, because my partners sickness is fixable. It’s weird to think that this hip condition has been three years of our life. Three years, four surgeries, the fifth and final one to happen. Add that onto two spider bites myself it’s been a shit few years. I’ve become used to doing a lot of things alone, which one shouldn’t be used to in the sprightly newly married time that our lives are meant to be in . As we are coming out of the end of the dark hole, I hope this time in our lives will soon be over. I wanted to reflect on the things that I’ve gotten used to over the last three years. Again, I say that I know that people in this world are way off worse than me, but here is some of the things that I’ve gotten used to doing alone, that I can’t freaking wait for The Ginger Hunk to be able to do with me again. It’s going to be weird at first, as I’m almost used to him being so unable to do anything, but I’m also so freaking excited to just do simple things again.


The Ginger Hunk and I love travelling so much. It’s one of the reasons we don’t have kids, and one of the reasons he has chosen photography. In the last few years, we’ve cancelled trips to Japan, India and Hawaii, as he has been unable to travel. This year I’ve travelled to Bali, Vietnam and soon to be Byron, solo. I can’t wait to have him beside me again on our adventures, and be able to have solo ones (I’m not that keen on the paragliding, mountain man adventures.)

Fitness and sport

Now, we were never the couple to do things together, all the time. The Ginger Hunk loves paragliding and spearfishing, and I’m into more land based activities. While he would never go running with me, he would support me at events. I would run up to long reef to see him flying around in the air, and we would listen to each others adventures together. I can’t wait for him to tell me again about a mountain jumped off. Maybe Yin Yoga will be our thing.

Grocery shopping 

This is a simple one. Sometimes he still does do the grocery shopping. But it freaking kills him. Just want to be able to walk around a supermarket without the fucking hip hurting would be nice. Supermarkets at the moment are a no-go.


I’d love to be able for us to say YES to events together. Whether it’s a lunch, wedding, weekend away, dinner, or an engagement party, we just don’t know what The Ginger Hunk is going to be like at the time. I’ve just had to say no for him, or we have to wait and see, or go it solo.

Walking to the shops for a coffee 

Perhaps the thing I miss the most.

Just being able to walk to our local coffee shop and have a coffee on a Saturday.

I can’t wait for that moment. I think I might cry when we can.

Fingers and toes and everything crossed for some news this week.

Once we are through this all I will sit down and tell you the whole sordid tale, I just don’t have the energy at the moment.

Happy Sunday. 

Much Love, Ashleigh 



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