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The Five Annoying Women You’ll Meet At The Markets

March 27, 2016

I had a somewhat disappointing day at the markets yesterday. As you know, I train for endurance events with The CanToo Foundation. People pledge to raise an amount of money for cancer research and in turn, you are provided with training.  For our fundraising idea 101, my good friend Dani and I decided to have a market stall at Kirribilli. We collected items of clothing from our mates, aiming to raise a good amount of cash. We had three racks of items galore, labels, unworn items, Dani had enough shoes to stock a shoe shop, among other things.  Anyway, we were disappointed for a few reasons. One is that it was quiet. The second, is that the market is not actually full of people that want to pay for said items. Here are the kinds of ladies I feel that frequent the market.

1. The Saturday Browser 

Dressed for a tough day walking around the markets in knee high gumboots over leggings, this kind of lady is here to browse, get caffeinated and catch up with her friend, while performing browsing torture on the sellers. All day long. She will fossick at your store for twenty minutes, ohhhh and ahhh about how ‘cute’ things are, then finger your Jamie Oliver cookbook for another five minutes, then debate with her friend about spending $5 before moving on to the next stop. Profit = $0.00 


2.The Tight-Arse 

This lady is a serious buyer and she may appear at any time of the day, but everything must be a……


If she can get your Saba dress, a French Connection skirt, and DKNY jeans for $4, then my friend you have a sale! Wohoo! Profit = $4.00

3. The Busy Mum 

This lady is not actually here to shop. She comes here on Saturdays just to walk amongst other adults, and run them over with her pram.

Profit = $0.00 lady-42121_1280


4. The Thief 

You won’t actually meet this person at a market. Ever.  But you will know she has been at your store. She is as serious about markets every weekend as the next two categories. She wants your items. But she doesn’t want to pay. Likely to snatch things at 8am in the morning when you are busy serving the scavengers and setting up stall. Profit = Minus $50



5. The Scavenger 

Also at the market first thing in the morning with the thieves, is the scavenger. The scavenger is the most hard-core market shopper of them all and will be your best buyer. They can either be cool looking fashion types, or people who look like hoarders. They have cases on wheels, and are there with one purpose and one purpose only: to get all the good items first. (Probably to resell in their op-shop in Newtown.) Profit = $87.00


So, it wasn’t a great day out, compared to the success of markets I have had in the past.

But with the items I had left, I’m having an eBay sale! So many people donated some nice things, so you can check it out here.

All proceeds go to support CanToo.

What do you think of Markets? 

Ever had a stall? 

Did you sink or swim? 

Happy Easter XXX 





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  • Trudie Bristow

    I feel your pain. I have a business selling genuine vintage baby and children’s clothing, books, toys and collectibles. I have sold in various settings and I flat our refuse to sell at the weekend market scene, because market goers are always wanting a bargain and want everything for next to nothing. Therefore for the last few years I concentrate on booking myself to do actual vintage fairs and events where people are coming understanding the effort that goes into sourcing, restoring etc items. I can do fairs and events and make average a $100 per hour for my efforts, where as markets I’ve struggled to make a profit let alone cover site fees. Hence I’m all for fairs and events, rather than markets.

    • Wow that sounds like a great stall to have, and for sure people would appreciate it more at a fair. I admire your ability to pack up and do it again and again! We were only selling old clothing, but with the purpose of fundraising for Cancer Research, I thought this would make people more generous! But still, good quality clothes in saying that! I have put some of it on eBay now and things are already having bids on them!

      • Trudie Bristow

        It’s funny how people are isn’t it? You would think that it being for fun raising purposes people wouldn’t squabble as much, but that’s the nature of the beast with people buying at markets. Good move popping things on eBay, good quality pre-loved brands do well so you should raise some funds. Best of luck.