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Things You are not allowed to eat

Tomorrow I embark on two things to get fit and healthy again. One is Emily Sykes 28 day shred. The other is the Advanced Humanology 12 week challenge. Oh, and I am joining a new gym F45 Fitness. So actually, that is three things. I have about 9 kilos to lose so I am actually looking forward to it now and ready to commit.

Looking at my ‘shred’ plan got me thinking about forbidden foods of the past and present.

When I was little, there were quite a few things we were not allowed to eat.

1. Crisps.



We NEVER had crisps in the kitchen for lunch time snacks.







2. Chocolate was never allowed. (Particularly the snack size ones my friends would eat from their lunch boxes.)



I spied them with envy until once upon a time Dad gave me a block of fundraising chocolate to eat and my year six teacher made me SHARE it so I could not eat the whole thing.






3. Ice Cream. Neapolitan Ice Cream. Mmmmmm.



We were allowed ice cream, but only every third or fourth night and it was marked on the calendar. Heaven forbid, my sister got more ice cream than me. (This often started a war.)







4. Maccas



Only allowed on road trips and after swimming.







5. Milo and Quick. Never allowed. EVER EVER.



Now I am looking at Emily Skyes program (ain’t she hot?) it seems that my list of forbidden foods has grown to include many things to ‘shred’ appropriately.


1. Dairy

2. Carbs

3. Some fruits

4. Alcohol





I used to get told to eat EVERYTHING on my plate, that milk would make my bones grow and that bread would put hairs on my chest. Whyyyy is it so hard to lose weight as an adult? How has the list of forbidden foods grown so much of late?

Even though I feel a little bit chunky, my body is healthy, I can swim, I can run, it all works and for that I am grateful. I just want to take better care of it this year, and be the best version of me. Also, a healthy body helps grow a healthy mind and vice versa.

Are you starting anything tomorrow? 

See you on the other side 🙂









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