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The De-Clutter: Round Two

In January when I was unemployed, or err, “between jobs”, I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying which completely brainwashed me. It led to a mass clean up of the apartment. So much so, that it ended up looking a little empty in the end. What spurred the clean up, was that I felt like The Ginger Hunk and I were outgrowing our apartment. Now, there is NO REASON in this day and age, that two humans without children should outgrow a two bedroom apartment. So we attacked it. It took three weeks full-time, but we really de-cluttered our house. Before this, it felt like I was always cleaning. Putting things away, and the cupboards BURSTING. Somethings didn’t really have space or a home. Then, after the clean up we lived in bliss. Until now, when I notice that little things are creeping back in again. My friend told me it would happen and I did not want to believe her! 

What am I noticing again that makes me think we need a little de-clutter? 

Little piles of ‘stuff’ that doe not have a home. My drawers are bursting and I am shoving things in there to get them away after we do our washing. There are clothes in my cupboard with tags on them. I haven’t appreciated the new things I have bought, nor even wore some of them. I am on my heavier side at the moment, so there is a range of clothes, clothes that I used to wear all the time that I am hanging onto. I am sure I will get into them by summer, but I have to wear clothes that are also comfortable for me now. I have an issue with buying too many training clothes and too much swimwear because I want to feel good in the stuff I buy. But I actually I realise that I do not own NOT ENOUGH normal every day clothes. Basics for work. Jeans. That sort of thing.

Living out of a small suitcase in Bali, I fantasized about how much I really need…which is not much at all!

I didn’t even wear some of the 10 items I packed!

And so I embark on a re-fresher de-clutter of sorts this weekend.

What about you?

Too much or too little?

De-clutter annually or more regularly?

Happy Weekend! 

Ashleigh XXX

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