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May 28, 2016

I have started trail running in the last two weeks. I kind of suck at it compared to normal running. I’m very slow and I am so scared of falling over. I feel the need to look at my feet the whole time. I’ve never been a bushwalker. Never been particularly agile. Always clumsy. Bashing my head into cupboards. Poor spacial awareness. I always hated walking on rocks on the beach, and uneven surfaces of all sorts. (Note that the look of joy below was before the run, and just for Instagram.)


So why the trail run then?

Well, why not?

I needed a new challenge, a plan and a program. So I signed up with CanToo to train for the 25km Glenbrook Trail Run.

I turned myself from a walker into a runner in 2007. Just by plodding along. This turned into a love affair with endurance events that lasted for years. I ran a marathon, six halves and then got into triathlon. When I started triathlon, I felt the way I feel about trail running now about cycling. Never had a bike as a kid. Never was particularly co-ordinated on it. I suffered through all the bike training, never confident, and feeling like I was escaping death each week. I remember the first week calling my partner from West Head saying “I don’t wanna do this anymore, pick me up” but guess what, he didn’t pick me up. I did it. I got up to my 110km bike rides, survived the program, and I finished a half-ironman (back in 2013, when I was fit.)

I was a little misled and thought a 25km trail run does not sound that bad. But it is going to take as long as the marathon. We need a whole lot of gear, new shoes and equipment, to be prepared for being out there for hours and self- sufficient. So plodding through the bush this morning I was thinking about all the awesome shit I have done. It hasn’t been from being comfortable. 

It has been from being bloody uncomfortable.

From not giving up, even though it hurts. 


Fuck you trail run.

I’m not going to let you beat me, no matter how long I take. 

Uncomfortable is where the magic happens.


My first self organised travel writing gig in Bacuit Bay. I felt like an imposter.

My travel writing gig in Bacuit Bay. I felt like an imposter. All the way until my article was published. Which it was. Twice.

My first freediving experience. Petrified.

My first freediving experience. Petrified.

Leaving a 'comfortable' relationship for this guy. Bloody scary. But paid off.

Leaving a five year ‘comfortable’ relationship for this guy. Bloody scary move at the time. But paid off.

My first half marathon. Didn't know if I would make it.

My first half marathon. Didn’t know if I would make it.

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  • I totally get it. I couldn’t even run for a bus. And less than 2 years and 2 cancer diagnoses later, I ran my first half marathon. I’ve gone on to run 5 more and am planning to run my seventh later this year. That said, I’ll leave the triathlons and the trail running to you. Yes, you can! I on the other hand, can barely bush walk, let alone trail run! PS That wedding photo is swoonsome!

    • Good on you Sammie. Was it your diagnoses that led to running? Never say never about triathlons… I reckon one thing leads to another. You should check out Cantoo. I train with them and we fundraise for cancer research. I have met so many amazing people. Having said that… Sanch and I were thinking of organising a Sydney bloggy meet up in July.

      • I’d started running before my first diagnosis and the second diagnosis only made me more determined to run a half, although it did put my dream on slight delay. Cantoo looks awesome, we often see them training when we’re out on our runs. And of course, it’s a big fat yes from me for a bloggy meet up 🙂