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7 Reasons to join Cantoo

This is my fourth Cantoo program and it can be highly addictive. If you are thinking about joining Cantoo this summer to train for an event here are 7 reasons why you should stop thinking, and do it!

1. Get fit

No matter what program you do, whether it be a swim or run, Cantoo will give you two training sessions a week and a program. It doesn’t matter if this is your first ever run or swim, or your 20th. That is two times a week you must get out of the house and train with other people and you will be given other sessions to do on your own. We run and swim rain hail or shine. (Unless there is a flood or dangerous surf, Cantoo is not about killing people!)



2. Make friends

When I moved back from London in 2009, most of my friends had settled down. I was a little bit bored and wanted to try something new. So I signed up for the marathon program to mark my 30th year in this world. I made new friends, which led onto other things, more running, birthdays, weekends away, ocean swims and triathlons. I have heard of Cantoo marriages and babies as well!



3. Get a program, coaching and advice

If you are a bit stuck with your exercise regime (I was running before and some pretty long distances but had no idea what I was doing) Cantoo will give you a structured program to follow for between 12 – 20 weeks depending what you are training for. You can seek the advice of the coach on Saturdays or Wednesdays, and they are available to answer your questions during the week on the email machine. Cantoo also organises guest speakers to attend some of the sessions, depending on the program, so you will learn about nutrition, and stretching and the like.


4. Have a great hump day

Bored mid-week? Do this on Wednesday instead of sitting on the couch! (Oh and there are pub nights too, it is all about the balance!)



5. Start the weekend right

There is no greater feeling than feeling like one of those smug people who has their training done and dusted by 9.30am on a Saturday. Finish with a coffee and breakfast with mates, and sometimes you might even being greeted by a pod of dolphins like we were last weekend. (Then post that shit on Facebook and gloat.)

2015-07-04 07.54.03

6. Raise funds for cancer research

I heard some people whinging recently about the fact that cancer research gets lots of money. Yes it does. But EVERYONE is affected by cancer. I myself went for my usual womanly check up last year to find I had pre cancerous cells and had them swiftly removed. Women do not die of cervical cancer anymore, or breast cancer (rarely) because of the advances in medical RESEARCH. I have too many friends who have lost parents already and friends my age who have survived cancer. So while I always promote a healthy lifestyle as well I would never say that we should not raise funds for cancer research as well.

By signing up to a program you commit to raising funds in exchange for training, and it’s not as hard as you think. I’ve done it in the past by baking, cooking and raffling!

7. Achieve something you never thought possible

That’s me – smiling as I cross the finish line of my half ironman (who would have thought) and the journey all started with friends I made through Cantoo!

The finish line


Interested? Head to Cantoo to see what is coming next!

(This is not a sponsored post by the way. Just sharing the love.)


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