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The little things he does

I married him for many reasons but one of them being a very simple one; he calls me from the shops. To see what I want while he is there.

Every. Single. Time.

It sounds like such a silly little thing. But it isn’t. Every time he pops into a shop he is thinking of me; what I might need, what he can pick up to make my day a little easier. I used to think marriage was about fireworks and star-dust, but it’s the little things day in and out that end up being what matters. A combination of little things that you do for each other, without expectation, adds up to a successful marriage and loving relationship.

(Flashback: in a time in a far away galaxy I remember having a screaming match with my ex boyfriend in the middle of Tesco. He was refusing to pay for my weight watchers yoghurt, because he didn’t eat it himself. Seriously? And people wonder why we did not last!) 

The Ginger Hunk since his fall has been housebound two weeks, aside from exciting visits to the GP. I have felt like a 1950’s housewife, doing all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, groceries, helping him with a bath and driving him to the medical centre. I am also trying to work full-time (with a two-hour plus commute) AND have a life and continue to do things which keep me from going insane; F45, writing this blog and running. It has been a really hard few weeks for us all. (It didn’t help when he got the staph infection I had in my foot in his eye, just to top the experience off.) Mum has dropped over a few casseroles which has been great help but the whole experience has made me so, so grateful for the things he does.

It’s not just the cooking and the shopping. It’s getting the bath for me when I am coming home in the cold. Lighting a candle so it is all smelly in a nice way. Bringing me a hot water bottle in bed when I am whining my head off it’s that time of the month. Picking up a small bunch flowers for me when he does the groceries.

He’s not so great at laundry or being tidy.

But it’s the little things that make me love him so.

I’m so glad he’s mine.

Get better soon my Ginger Hunk.

Happy Sunday.


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