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Goodbye June. Don’t visit again.

July 5, 2015

What a shit month last month was. Thank goodness that is over. I never want to relive that month again. I am still in shock about it all actually. There were lots of positive things that started the month of June. Going to Elcho Island for work, having a great birthday night out with lots of friends and being chosen to mentor the half marathon program for Cantoo.

But the majority of it was pretty shit.

A spider bite, cellulitis, staph in my foot, only to return to a semi health state and have The Ginger Hunk fall and dislocate his knee last Monday. I was at the gym and thankfully a neighbour heard him screaming on the balcony, they called an ambulance and he was whisked away to the hospital. Eventually around 10.30pm the knee was put back into place, but my Ginger Hunk now has his leg in a splint and Sasha and I are on nurse duties again. It is playing the waiting game until we see his doctor again next week and find out what the go is.

This week that feeling has returned to the pit of my stomach again.

I’m trying to get through it all day by day but there have been a few tears.

I am getting on with my 10 week challenge, when the old me would have used all this as an excuse to cave. I have exercised when I felt like eating cake. I have had a hot chocolate when I felt like a wine. I am dragging myself to yoga today when I feel like lying on the couch like a lump. I went on a tour on Friday night with friends even though I didn’t feel like it. I am having my one wine for the week right now and really enjoying it.

I just feel so tired.

In the last nine months we have had a hip surgery, a stomach ulcer, abnormal cells in my cervix, tonsillitis (twice), a spider bite, cellulitis, and now a dislocated knee.

Give us a break please. I’m done now. 

But it’s the simple things that have reminded me of what is important.

This is what I could find to be grateful for this week.

1. An awesome healthcare system. I am so grateful for the paramedics that helped James and the care we received. 

2. My family. SO supportive. And THAT big casserole that Mum dropped over. YUM!

3. Being able to run again. I forgot how much this lifted my mood.

4. The smell of your girlfriend’s newborn baby and having him cuddle you, just when you needed it. 

2015-07-03 09.06.39

5. A new kitten in the family. (Meet Wallace, my new fur nephew!!!!)


So after all that I have decided to treat this month as a new year. A new start.

Fresh beginnings. The new kitten and the newborn start so why can’t I too?

How was June for you?




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  • Hugzilla

    June was pretty good here, but bloody hell it was shit for you guys. I totally agree with you though – when shit goes down it really makes you grateful for the access to medical care that we have here (even though as a society we like to grumble about that too!). Hoping that the next half of the year is better for you x

  • I’ve been following you on FB even while I was away and boy, June was shit for you guys! I didn’t realise all the stuff you went through before. I really, really hope that things start to look up from this month. After all, it is a new financial year so why can’t it be a new year?! Some beautiful things to be grateful for though. Take care and big hugs your ways!

  • Bless your heart! The negative? Pain and suffering the positive? It’s done, maybe a bit of aftermath to deal with, but my favourite saying: this too, shall pass. Hang on in there, all will resolve.
    Bless your heart for being strong.

  • germy….. the little guru just kept bringing home colds and sharing…. Oh what a month you had. Only up from here. xx