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It is two years since I started this wonderful writing journey and for some reason, this was the month that I finally hit 3,000 visitors!

So hello 3,000 humans (and maybe a cat). Thank you for stopping by and staying.

I started My Meow two years ago, because I followed, as Liz Gilbert says, my curious. I loved writing. I always loved writing. But I shut that part of me away for so long. Until I felt like (and still do), that I have stuff, words, stories, messages, to get out of me and into the world. So this is the medium I do it in.

I listen to all the podcasts about blogging and business and they tell me that I can’t write about cats and travel and life and social justice all at once.

But yes I can! Because it is MY BLOG okay?

This blog has grown such a part of me that I feel a bit naked now when I don’t do it. Even when I try and have a break! At the very least I am creating a notebook for The Ginger Hunk to read me when I’m old and grey.

It’s led me to getting published work, travel gigs, following my curious to write a children’s book, and most importantly finding my people in this world, who have become real life friends. Wonderful, crazy, cat lady, traveller, creative types of people.

And the friends that were already there? Well, it has made them stronger, and easier to keep in touch.

Hopefully you know me a little better, and you have learnt a thing or two along the way.

So thank you My Meow community.

For reading, laughing, commenting and being my people.

Happy Wednesday XXXX 

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