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The return of the crazy

April 25, 2015

I share this post with you all because I have no filter when it comes to my on-goings on with anxiety (and let’s be honest, most other things). Last week for no valid reason I started to feel really irritable again. I have been pretty good, actually really good, for a while now, but last week I felt like I started to slip backwards into my old ways. When I go back to this kind of behaviour, The Ginger Hunk calls it (with a lot of love) ‘the crazy’, so please do not take offence to the use of this word.

I started with a pattern of deduction.

Was it the storm?

Was it living with my parents again for a week?

Was it the full moon?

I was not sure. But I just didn’t feel right.

First, I had a whopper of a headache. Felt sweaty. Couldn’t sleep properly. Not hungry (very unusual). I felt like I had a lot on my mind for no particular reason.

I was about to go and see my GP until I pulled out my anti-depressant packet to notice what was actually in there. PANADEINE. Unknown to me and possibly due to the moving back and forth the packet had been mixed up and I had been taking PANADEINE every morning this week instead of my usual half a dose of anti-depressant.

What an IDIOT. No wonder I felt the way I did!

I didn’t really notice what this magical little half a dose pill was doing for me until it was taken away. I was also so relieved that this was what was causing my issues.

I come from a long line of anxiety sufferers. For most of my life I have covered it up by throwing myself into things, racing around like a ferret on speed and always pushing myself onto the next thing.

I thought it was normal, until I realised I could live my life differently.

I have talked, meditated, talked some more, replaced endurance sports with yoga, taken up writing and had lots of amazing support from my husband and friends. This worked a treat for me until about a year ago.

With my GP, I decided that this low feeling in my gut just wasn’t kicking and it was time for some extra help.

I am sharing this post because;

a) I thought it was pretty funny that I was taking Panadeine without realising it and

b) I want to let everyone know how normal it is to have these issues.  I should be able to talk about missing my morning anti-depressant like missing a vitamin.

I also wanted to say that after a heavy discussion about the Belle Gibson saga this morning that while the internet is a place of support and connection, it should never be a place where people recommend treatments if you are not a qualified person! I am probably more qualified than most to comment on mental health, when it comes to your own experience with anxiety (or anything else for that matter), please talk to a professional. Do not base your decisions on google or what people say on blogs. There is a myriad of evidence based treatments out there that work for different people.

If you want to chat to someone about anxiety, give the lovely humans at Beyond Blue a bell.

Our brains all work differently and respond to different things.

I for one, am looking forward to getting mine back on track! 

Have a great weekend and lest we forget.




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  • Amy McPherson

    Good on you for talking about it. Too many people still consider anxiety and depression just a phase and deny it.
    I hope you have now swapped the tablets around and that your Meow has been understanding of your feelings!

  • Hugzilla

    Oh no! What an unfortunate mix-up! I bet that’s the first and last time you ever make that mistake x

  • oh god I’d be weeping all over the place if this happened to me, always need my antidepressants!

  • Oh, nothing worse than forgetting your meds. I get awful side affects. Which is a bit scary in itself, that our bodies – and brains – rely on them so much. And I’m all for oversharing, there are so many of us out there, and makes everyone feel that little bit better to know they are not alone.

    • It is a bit scary but I think its the whole build up build down phase that makes it worse! Back to normal whatever that is! Thanks for your lovely comment x

  • Yeah it is a horrible feeling. I shall pass on the information to the fur baby that you think she is cute! … or the furnace… as you said…. he he he

  • I had to laugh at ‘the crazy’ as one of my friends and I use that term for our anxiety too. And omg…you were taking panadeine?! Far out…that’s funny and a teeny bit scary. Also, I am all for being an oversharer when it comes to mental health because I think that reduces the stigma…and I think you are brave for opening up about it. Hope the crazies settle soon! xx

  • Joanna

    Furnace! Oh my God, FURBABY!