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My biggest road block – finding balance #imustconfess

Yesterday I found myself in bed for most of the day with a filthy, filthy hangover. I did decide to give up booze for 12 weeks. I lasted about four weeks. Then what started as drinking on occasions has left me to drinking 3 nights a week. Life has been stressful, waiting for The Ginger Hunk’s DVA stuff to come through, being back at work full time, living off one income. I just decided to let my hair down, or actually didn’t decide for an old friends engagement party on Saturday night, it just kind of happened. I didn’t even think I drank that much. But I probably did. While it was awesome to catch up with my childhood friends I woke with a terrible hangover. At 11.30am. Hideous. I wasted half of Sunday. Didn’t make it to yoga, and felt all round disappointed in myself.

So I’m a bit all or nothing at the moment, eating clean and training, then there will be that moment when I fall off the wagon in a spectacular way.

Which results in not much fitness progress overall.

I’m also really struggling with the five days a week work, two and a half hours of commuting each day. Trying to fit in the gym, writing, my children’s books that are in my head, dealing with two kitties and having a husband who pretty much can’t walk around or do much at the moment. I’m torn between needing the money and being home to be able to be around more. Sometimes money isn’t everything. Sometimes I need to cut myself some slack. I can’t do it all.

So for the next 7 weeks until my Bali trip. I’m trying to be more balanced. Let’s stick to an eating regime that is not riddled with guilt. If I fall off the wagon on a Thursday, then get back on it the next day. On the days I can’t train, accept that I can’t but make my food choices 100 per cent.

So I’m not all or nothing anymore, just a bit more balanced.

Because that is what we are all after in the end isn’t it?


Happy Monday.

Ashleigh XXX

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