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A Small World

Today I was thinking I have no material to blog about BEFORE I spoke with my mother in law. (Will get to that soon.) I have had a big of a ‘meh’ week. I think the 14th person since I have started at my work left and they are dropping like flies, anyway holidays are coming SOON and I digress from the big story I have to share about WHAT HAPPENED TODAY.

We were on the phone to my mother in law, who has returned from traveling abroad for some of the and has bought a place in (let me call it Pineapple Town) Pineapple Town.

Now Pineapple Town is small. And everyone kinda knows everyone else as they talk about their Pineapples.

In between chats and husband being a help line for computer problems, she asked us on the phone ever so casually… “do you know ( I shall call him Bill Smith) Bill Smith?” She goes on to say “He went to (I shall call it planet of the Apes High School) Planet of the Apes High School”.

( I pashed EVERYONE at Planet of the Apes High School by the way. So there was already a good chance that I would probably know Bill Smith. But I did not say this at the time to my mother in law, who does in fact reads this blog. Hi!)

Oh my goodness. I think to myself. How many Bill Smiths can there be?

” Yes I think I know him” I said, feigning disinterest, then carefully drilling down the questions to make sure my suspicions were true.

Yes he has pink hair. Confirmed. Yes he drives a horse and cart. Confirmed. Yes he works repairing the UFO’s for people on Mars. Confirmed.

My parents in law, have bought in the same street where BILL SMITHS PARENTS have a weekender. And they have in fact met and had conversations with BILL SMITH HIMSELF. They have met THE most significant love of my turbulent youth without even knowing.

I wonder if Bill Smith realised that he was talking to MY mother in law! Faak! How weird is that?  

Bill Smith and I did not end on a good note. We had a big fight about five years ago, and have not spoken to him since. I blogged about it here, if you want to read the dirty history. But hey,who knows soon we might be having family BBQ’s any day from now and chatting over the fence, making up and reminiscing about the old times.

Isn’t it a small world? Other weird experiences like this that have happened to me and people I know in the past.

These include running into a girl from school in a 711 on  a dusty road on Koh Phangan when I was backpacking around Asia in 2002. Travelling with husband and bumping into an old work colleague of his in the immigration line in KL… and my sister (I kid you not), ran into our NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR in a CAVE in on a small island off Greece.

Have you had a small world experience before??

Share in the comments below.

If you can top my story I will send you a prize!


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