Cat Signs from the Universe

Such a random week this week.

Reflecting about it in my hung over state. (Might give up alcohol again soon. But that is a topic for another post.)

Last night I met half of a couple, who had been childhood sweethearts, split up, went and lived separate lives , married other people had their kids. BOTH MOVED TO THE SAME COUNTRY TOWN (I am not making this shit up I swear) and lived their own lives FOUR blocks away from each other for THIRTY YEARS and have just reconnected. (It was happening today in fact.) I was in a pretty drunk state and did not know the aforementioned man well enough to ask him if I could photograph  the reunion today and blog about it. (Maybe an update for next week.)

Anyway it got me thinking that when you are young and you start on the train of life you pretty much know where you should be going deep down, and you KNOW what makes you happy. But then life takes you in a different direction.  Since I have reconnected with my writing  all good things have been happening (and not only in the sphere of writing) but doing what I love more has been making me so much happier. When I was younger I would spend hours and hours writing poems, drawing pictures. And then I just let that side of me go for about 10 years. Not sure why.

Since reconnecting with my passion I have been dreaming up an idea to write a Children’s book about Sasha. I don’t have Children. And I haven’t the faintest idea about where to start. And it scares the shit out of me.

I said the idea out loud to a few people for the first time this week.

They loved the story I wanted to tell, and as if in a parallel way the universe started to support me by giving me some signs to start getting this dream alive.  I connected with a fellow cat lady writer on Facebook who posted a random question in a group I am on about writing for Cat magazines.

Don’t laugh, but I thought to myself. This is my kind of chick. 

I have found out there are more cat lady bloggers out there . (Check out Bailey the Boat Cat too- another blog I found – super cool.) I digress,  my new cat lady friend and I have been since messaging each other and it turns out that she is an animator who is looking to publish her own cat book.

She is also newly married and unsure about the baby thing. Drinks are in order to connect in person in a few weeks time.



On a separate note, I also went out with my neighbors this week (the reason for the hangover) – and discovered that one has loads of experience in child development.                   I chatted to her about the book idea and she said she would be chuffed to help me.

Sometimes the universe  has ways to tells us that something SHOULD happen and sends you some signs to start.   

On a final note to end the week of wonderful weirdness..the band was playing Avicii ‘wake me up’ last night. (This is the anthem to the half iron man video my husband made for the crew that completed the Sunshine Coast 70.3 last year). Two of the crew have signed up for a full iron man and I text my friend last night when the song was playing and she replied saying she heard the song at the same time (different venue).

I am wondering if this is a sign for an iron man while I am listening to what the universe is telling me… or at the very least to get my triathlon shoes back on soon… watch this space…

Do you believe in signs from the universe?

Do you think I am a complete wacko? 


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