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Day 39 – Totally OFF The Wagon

Since my post dated Day 27 I am totally OFF the wagon.


That’s not me in the picture by the way. My nights are looking more like this….


Exciting huh?

Last Monday I came down with a glorious stomach bug that took away my appetite and left me on the toilet and feeling fabulously thin by the weekend. Then on Saturday, the day I felt better, I had a wedding. I was SO HUNGRY. SO HUNGRY. What they were serving to drink was MUMM CHAMPAGNE. (Which is my favourite thing aside from The Ginger Hunk and Cats.) There was also a cheese platter, actually it was more like an artwork, and I counted ELEVEN DIFFERENT TYPES OF CHEESE. So I ate and drank… ohhh I ate and drank… and now it is Wednesday and I have kept going on expanding my stomach since the thinness of last week. I haven’t made it back to the gym and just feeling like I have let three weeks of progress slip in four days. And I have. But with Easter ahead and a weekend planned of not much, I’m going to get back into the gym, have myself a big healthy cook up ready for the working week and ditch the wine. I’m committed to this thing until June at least, so let’s keep going.

A slip up is not a give up.


Pretty good.

How GOOD is the darkness in the mornings?


Too much chocolate. Too much food.


White carbs and cheese. Hot cross buns.

Did I mention chocolate?




That sweaty feeling from a good workout. The BURN!


Eating a lot?

Estimated drinks saved so far at day 39

31 (minus three bottles)

Little slip ups (plus a week) drinks total at day 39

9 plus three bottles over the last week.


At least Easter is going to be QUIET.

Time to reset my intentions until June.

Is anyone else TRYING to be healthy?

Ashleigh XXX

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