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Fitness Friday – back on the 12 WBT

Well it is time to update you with my never ending fitness journey.  (Don’t forget to add your posts at the bottom as well!) The retreat in Bali was just what I needed to motivate myself to get into healthy eating for summer. I have signed up and started Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. This worked for me before, (when I returned from my honeymoon I lost 6 kilos). I needed some inspiration with cooking and a meal plan.

So I shall give you a little snippet of where I am up to this month health and fitness wise.

Food – Back on the 12WBT is helping me plan my meals out again and make my lunches. The Ginger Hunk does like to cook, which is amazing but also my downfall at times. I have asked him to make smaller servings, and cook Michelle’s meals. We have a few nights off a week where he cooks what he likes, but we have cut out the carbs.

Mental health – I have been feeling great for a really long time now – around 10 months. So I am at the moment cutting my anti-depressants in half with the view to stopping them in December. I have discussed this with my GP and The Ginger Hunk. We know the signs now of me sliding back into that horrible feeling. I do not want to be on the medication for ever and it is also harder to lose weight. But if I had to make the choice about being riddled with anxiety and five kilos fatter, I would take the weight over that dark feeling in the pit of my stomach. But it is is time to give it a shot. More on how this is going in the next few weeks.

Training plan – I am back at f45 now with the view to doing this three to four times a week. However, I LOVE yoga, and this is important for my mental health as well. I realised how tight I was for so long and how much this benefited me at the retreat, so yoga is going to replace some heavy work outs from now on. Yoga also helps with freediving, and as I am planning to train more in December, this is important.

Meditation – My mental health promise to myself is to mediate more. So I am downloading some new programs to help me with this, and will be reporting back soon.

Sleep – I seem to need a lot of sleep at the moment, maybe cause my mind is always going with writing and the blog. So I am giving my body what it needs at the moment, but I am hoping to train more in the mornings to leave my evenings free.

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