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Five reasons to go on retreat in Bali

I have just returned from five glorious days at Bali Bliss Retreats. A retreat in Bali (or anywhere for that matter) should go on everyone’s bucket list. (Even better, every year if you can make it happen!) Whether you’re travelling on your own or going with a friend here are five reasons you should go on retreat:


1. You will really (really) relax

How many holidays do you spend racing around? Do you come back feeling more exhausted?

The notion of a holiday used to be to ‘retreat’. Now we make our holidays busier than our lives.

Taking five days out on retreat, away from your phone, booze and itineraries, will make you truly, truly relax.


2. You will reap the benefits of yoga

Yoga is for everyone. I repeat. Yoga is for everyone. You don’t have to be a yogi a hard-core devotee to benefit from a retreat.

Yoga increases flexibility, muscle strength, mindfulness and concentration, bone health and much more.

More importantly, every sequence has options, so you can take it easy, or as hard as you like.

A good teacher will guide what is best for you.

1509-Bali_Bliss-9485 3. You will make new friends

Look at this bunch. Mothers, daughters and solo travellers from Canada, Australia and Sweden.

If you’re anxious about travelling alone or don’t have someone to go on a retreat with, my advice would be to just do it!

(You won’t be alone for long!)


4. You will eat great (healthy) food 

The best part of a retreat? You don’t have to think about anything, including the food.

Check out the array of beautiful Balinese fruit, juices and muesli on the table.

A retreat will take you back to basics (good clean food) and remind you that this type of eating isn’t boring at all.


5. You will get outside your comfort zone 

Who would have thought I could fly?

By following a program of clean eating, activity (the fun kind), and trying new things you will get outside your comfort zone.

(Which is where all the fun happens.)

So what are you waiting for?

The fine print

Bali Bliss Retreats run on the below dates:

3-7 October 2015
7-11 November 2015
16-10 April 2016
21-25 May 2016
18-22 June 2016
3-7 September 2016
1-5 October 2016
5-9 November 2016

Packages and pricing can be found out here.

Or email


 Ashleigh XXX

Image Credit: James Mills Photography 
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